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Jonathan Bittick, Spanish Land Grant, October 20, 1835


           The survey of the (7,884,722 sp. varas) land for the Cit. Jonathan Bittuck being completed, let the corresponding title issue and of the two maps made by the surveyor, one is to be aggregated to this document and the other to the certified copy both to be rubricated by me.

                                                                        Geo. W. Smyth,




Gustavus Hart

Almena Harrison


            The Cit. G. W. Smyth, Commissioner of the Supreme Government of the State of Coahuila and Texas to give possession and issue titles of land to the inhabitants of this frontier.

            In as much as the Cit. Jonathan Bittuck is one of those included in the 32d article of the law of March 1834, and the Bittuck having fully proved by a certificate from the competent authority, he has presented to me, that he emigrated to this state in the year 1830 and that he is married, his family consisting of seven persons and that he possesses the requisites the law provides either of the state or Federal Government, Therefore in conformity with the said law and the instructions which rule me in the name of the State

I confer and put the said Jonathan Bittuck in real and personal possession of a tract of land comprising 7,884,722 sp. varas situated on the E. bank of Teneha Bayou, of which the boundaries are designated on the map and field notes made by the surveyor Cit. Joseph Rowe, as can be seen in this document of the said land 7 labors is arable and the remainder pasture land, according to which he has to pay to the state the sum of ten 75/100 dollars ($10.75) by way of bonification as stipulated in Article 22d of the Colonization law of March 24th, 1825, which amount was paid by the party, of which I acknowledge the receipt at the time delivering to him the certified copy of this title according to my instructions for that purpose he being notified that within one year he must establish solid and permanent landmarks at each angle of the land and never to transfer it in mortmain [*see below].

            Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the law, my commission and pursuant instructions, I issue the present title and order that a certified copy be drawn thereof and handed to the party that he may possess and enjoy the land, he, his children, heirs and successors or whosoever may have any claim or right thereto, this being the intention of the state which I sign with two attending witnesses according to law.

            Given in the town of Nacogdoches on the 20th day of October, 1835.


                                                                        George W. Smyth


[* Mortmain:  Perpetual ownership of real estate by institutions such as churches that cannot transfer or sell it.]

From the Archives and Records Division, Texas General Land Office, courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller:  

Texas vara =  33.3 inches.    League =  4428.4 acres  Labor = 177.1 acres.

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