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Jonathan Bittick—Original Spanish Land Grant Survey

bold = names & dates

Texas General Land Office ( Tex. 333.34)

Courtesy of Johnny Bittick



                                    Scale 4000 vs to the inch

Field notes of a survey made for Jonathan

Bittick of one third league of land situated where

he lives in the county of Shelby, which is secured

to him by a certificate of the Board of Land Commissioners

for aforesaid county to Jeremiah H. Holemon and

by him endorsed to said Bitticks, No 28.

Lying in flat Teneha [*see below] bayou district of Teneha

the line beginning at Wm Nails S. E corner and

running on his line N15 E 3333 varas to stake W to[?]

a black oak 12 in dia S 84 W 4 varas distant and

another same size S 12 E 6 varas distant –

Thence S 75 E 2500 varas to a stake W Trees a pine

36 in diam. S 4 varas off and another 12 in di

N 38 W 12 varas off -   Thence S 15 W 3333 varas to a

cedar 8 inches diameter.     Thence N 75 W 2500 vs

to the beginning corner containing one third

league, two labors arable, and the rest pasture land

            Hall and Kimbro} Ch. Carriers      G. W. Hooper

                                                                        __[?] Surveyor


            I Joseph Rowe solemnly swear that in the month

of August 1835 while acting as surveyor under the

authority of Caohuila[?] and Texas, that I made a

survey for the headright of J. H. Holeman of one third

league of land in the then district of Teneha

situated upon the flat fork Teneha bayou adjoining

the land of Wm Nail and that the metes and

bounds given in the attached field notes are

correctly given              Joseph Rowe

                                                            sp. sur.

            Sworn and subscribed to before me

this 24th Mch 1846.

                        Examined and found to be correct

and proven, according to law

            This 11th of April 1838.


                                                Richd. Hooper

                                                County Surveyor


[Item 2]


            The land surveyed for the cit. Jonathan Bittick

is situated on the East Bank of Tenaha Bayou about

˝ mile below Bittick & Alford’s mill, X beginning

at the S. W. corner of J. D. Merchants survey; Thence

S. with this line 1480 varas to the S. E. corner, for 2 d

corner; Thence E. with the E. line of said Merchants

1351 varas to N. E. or 3rd corner; Thence S. 125 varas

to stake set for 4th corner, from which a Black Jack

15 in Dia B. N. 50o E. 2 varas and a pine 30 in Dia B. S. 35o

W. 10 varas; Thence S 25o W. following the line of ……..

2243 varas to stake set for 5th corner from which a

Gum tree 36” Dia.  B. S 6o E. 3 2/10 vs. and a Pine 30” Dia B.

S 85o W. 6 4/10 vs.  Thence W. 3700 vs. to Tenaha Bayou from

which a Sugar maple 10” Dia  B. N. 38o E. 3 2/10 vs. and

a Holly 10” Dia  B.  E.18o W 1 5/10 vs.;  Thence N. 43oE. with E.

bank of Tenaha Bayou to the place of beginning,

containing 7,884,722 sq. varas, of which one Labor is arable

and the remainder pasture land this being

part of the League and labor, you ordered me to

survey, its shape being as shown by the map,

which I accompany in duplicate.  


[*Tenehaw (Tenaja, Tenaha, Teneha) District, part of Nacogdoches Municipality in 1833, became Tenehaw Municipality in 1835; name changed to Shelby on January 11, 1836]

From the Archives and Records Division, Texas General Land Office, courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller:  

Texas vara =  33.3 inches.    League =  4428.4 acres  Labor = 177.1 acres.

First Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived before March 2, 1836.  Heads of families were eligible for one league and one labor while single men were eligible for 1/3 league.

Second Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between March 2, 1836 and October 1, 1837.  Heads of families were eligible for 1280 acres while single men were eligible for 640 acres.

Third Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between October 1, 1837 and January 1, 1840.  Heads of families were eligible for 640 acres while single men were eligible for 320 acres.

Fourth Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between January 1, 1840 and January 1, 1842.  The amounts issued were the same as for a third class headright with the added requirement that ten acres be cultivated. 


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