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Jonathan Bittick, Original Land Grant Application, Shelby County, Texas, August 18, 1835




 I, C. M. Hill, Clerk of the County Court in and for said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing and hereto attached instrument of writing with its certificate of authentication was filed for record in my office the 19th day of June A. D. 1879 at 8 o’clock A. M. and duly recorded on the 20th day of June A. D. 1879 at 10 o’clock A. M., in Book X on pages 600 & 601 of the records of Deeds and Patents of said county.

            Witness my official seal and signature in the town of Center, this 20th day of June A. D. 1879

            Refiled for record March 22nd A. D. 1909 at 4 o’clock P. M. Recorded March 25th A. D. 1909 at 9 o’clock A. M.    J. T. Jones, Clerk County Court, Shelby Co., Texas


            To the Special Commissioner of the Supreme Government to give possession of land and issue titles to the inhabitants of this Frontier:

             I, Jonathan Bittick, a native of Tennessee, before you with due respect presents myself and declare that possessing no land whatever for agriculture and stockraising and having emigrated to this state in the year 1830, being married, my family consisting of seven persons, I request you to grant to me by virtue of your authority the land I am entitled to, in the neighborhood of Tenaha Bayou and issue to me the corresponding title.  I accompany to you a certificate proving the truth of my assertion.

            Therefore I request you to do according to my petition, by which I will receive favor and justice.

                        San Augustine, August 18th, 1835

                                                            Sign of the cross of Jonathan (X) Bittick



             Presented and admitted according to law and referred with the accompanying certificate to the surveyor cit. Joseph Rowe who will effect the survey of a league and labor of land which the party designates provided they are public domain the field notes to be translated by the cit. Adolphus Sterne, whom I have appointed for that purpose.

            Thus I order by this act and sign with the attending witnesses according to law.

 Witness:  J. G. Pulaski                          Geo. W. Smyth, Commissioner

                Albert Enierar

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