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John Bittick/Biddix Revolutionary War Pension File, Item 6


for a Swet [Sweat?] take

1 ounce of allicompain[?]

1 ounce of Comfry [Comfrey]

a handfull of Isip[?]

a handfull of houxhound [horehound?]

won spoonfull of fenex[?] seed[?]


put in two __ quarts of [water?]

and ____  ___ _____

______ _____ then strain

in a cloath then put[?]

won pint of honey and

won pint of vineger and

___ it to won qurt[quart?]

put it in a glass Botel [bottle?]

and take two spoonfulls

Every night






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