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Muster Rolls of Soldiers War of 1812

Detatched Militia of North Carolina, in 1812 and 1814.

Published In Pursuance of The Resolutions of the General Assembly of January 21, 1851.
Under the Direction of the Adjutant General.
Raleigh: Printed by Ch. C. Raboteau, at the Times Office, 1851.

p3:  Muster Roll Of the Infantry detached from the Militia of North Carolina, in pursance of a Requisition of the President of the United States in virtue of an Act of Congress of the 10th of April, 1912.
p71:  Muster Roll of the Detached Militia organized August, 1814
p72:  Seventh Regiment of Lincoln, Rutherford, Burke, Buncombe and Haywood.  Officers. - Andrew Irwin, Lieutenant Colonel commandant; William Cathey, First Major; Nathan McDowell, Second do.

p135 & 136:    Burke County - Third Regiment

John Carson, Captain
James Burgen, lieut.
Pleasant Cashin
Burret Rickets
James Smith
Jonathan Allison
John Ross
Dennis Ross
Ben. Curtis
Lavender Fortune
George Darnald
Alexander Porter
George Edmison
Johnson Allison
Samuel Cockhorn
William Barley
Swinefield Hell
Henry Crown
William Guy
Jesse Henil
William Hughs
Andrew McKinly
Abner Devenporte
William Waldriss
Elis Waldriss
Thomas Devenporte
Manual Lamb
William Dickson
William Vonn
Austin Pack
William Bright
Joab Goodbread
Joseph Lanner
Thomas James
Thomas Gribble
Mitchel Parham
William Henderson
Joseph Givins
John Queen
John Morris
William Duncan
John W. Carson
Stogdol Wilson
David Curtis
p136: Man Shote
Thomas Hancy
Daniel Morrow
John Biddicks
James Reves
Jacob Martin
William Jones
William Lackey

p139:  A requisition was made by Major General Thomas Pinckney, for one Regiment to march to the defence of the Southern Frontier of the Sixth Military District of the United States. In consequence of which, orders were issued from this office, calling forth the Detached Militia from the following counties, to wit: Anson, Richmond, Moore, Cabarrus, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, in Anson County, on the 24th February, A.D. 1815. Also, to Ashe, Wilkes, Burke, Rutherford, Buncombe and Haywood, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, in Anson County, on Wednesday, the 1st day of March, A.D. 1815.
           Of this regiment the following officers were designated to the command, to wit:
Andrew Irwin, as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
John McGimpsey, of Burke, as Lieutenant Colonel.
Jesse Allen of Wilkes, 1st } Majors.
Thomas Lenoir, of Haywood, 2d } Majors.
The orders from this office were dated on January 25th, A.D. 1815.

[courtesy of David and Marsha Biddix]

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