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Deed & Certification of Deed:  John W. Bittick and wife Mary A. to Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. Bittick, Hempstead Co, Arkansas, November 7, 1860


Bold = names and dates    Bold Italics = signature     (sic) = as it appears in the document

Know all men by these presents that in 
consideration of one hundred dollars to me in 
hand paid the Receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledge (sic) that I John W. Bittick have this day 
bargained and Sold unto Christopher C. Bittick 
and Francis M. Bittick a certain track (sic) or parcel 
of Land ____________as follows 
the East half of the North West quarter 
of Section Fourteen in township ten South
of Range twenty-four west containing Eighty 
Acres according to the plats of the Surveyor 
general to have and to hold together with all
the Rights and priviliges (sic) thereto belonging in 
fee Simple forever and I John W. Bittick for 
Myself, My heirs executors and Administrators 
Shall warrant and defend the Same unto
Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. 
against the lawful claims of all 
persons whomsoever and I Mary A. Bittick 
wife of the Said John W. Bittick in the 
consideration above mentioned and for divers 
other considerations do hereby Release and 
quit claim unto Christopher C. Bittick and 
Francis M. Bittick all of my claim on
possibility of dower in or out of the above 
named tract or parcel of Land in testimony 
whereof we the Said John W. Bittick and Mary
A. Bittick
herunto (sic) Set our hands and 
Seal this November the 7th of 1860
                                            John W. Bittick Seal
(There may have been another line which was not copied.)

Certification of Deed, November 8, 1860

Certification of Deed

State of Arkansas       } SS
County of Hempstead }
Be it remembered that on this 8th day of November A. D. 1860 
before me Aaron Burlison an acting and duly commissioned 
justice of the peace for said county in the Township of Redland 
personally appeared John W. Bittick grantor of the 
within ___________ (acknowledged?) that he had assigned 
the within Deed for the uses and purposes therein 
expressed and desired the same to be certified 
and on the same day and at the same place came 
also Mary A. Bittick wife of the said John W. Bittick 
who then being examined by me in the absence of her said 
husband and the contents of the within deed being by me 
fully explained to her she declared that she had of her 
own free will executed the same without compulsion 
or undue influence of her said husband and desires 
the same to be certified. 
given under my hand this 8th day of November A. D. 1860
                                                                Aaron Burlison J.P.

Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington, Arkansas

Copies and transcriptions courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller

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