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John Washington Bittick Military Records Transcription

Timeline Summary

Item 1
Bittick, J. W.
Co. E, 20 Arkansas Infantry.
Private / Private
Card Numbers.
1.  44945448
2.          5530
3.          5655
Number of medical cards herein: 0
Number of personal papers herein: 0

Item 2
1 Mar to 2 May 1862
B  /  20  /  Ark.
J. W. Bittick
Pvt, Co. I, {King's Regiment
                 {Arkansas Infantry.*
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
of the organization named above,
for Mch 1 to May 2, 1862.
Enlisted: Mar 1, 186_[blank]
Where: Washington, Ark.
By Whom: Capt C. B. Owsley,
Period: 12 Mo
Last paid: [blank]
By whom: [blank]
To what time: [blank]
Present or absent: Present
Remarks: [blank]
     King's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, which was designated the
23d Regiment Arkansas Infantry on records of the Confederate War
Department, was organized in February and March, 1862.  It was re-
organized in May, 1862, and designated the 20th Regiment Arkansas
     *This company subsequently became Company E, 20th Regiment
Arkansas Infantry.
Book mark: [blank]
            F. Tharin

Item 3
1 Mar to 30 June 1862
B  /  20  /  Ark.
J. W. Betticks.
Pvt, Co. E, 20 Reg't Arkansas Infantry.
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
of the organization named above,
for Mch 1 to June 30, 1862
When: Mch 1, 1862
Where: Washington, Ark.
By whom: Jeff Cottingham
Period: 1 year
Last Paid:
By whom: [blank]
To what time: [blank]
Present or absent: Absent
Remarks: Absent sick
Book mark: [blank]
            F. Tharin

Item 4
July & August 1862
B  /  20  /  Ark.
J. W. Bittick
Pvt, Co. E, 20 Reg't Arkansas Infantry.
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
of the organization named above,
for July & Aug, 1862.
When: March 1, 1862
Where: Washington, Ark
By whom: Jeff Cottingham
Period: one year
Last paid:
By whom: [blank]
To what time: unpaid
Present or absent: [blank]
Remarks: Died the 21 July in Camp near Priceville
Book mark: [blank]
            F. Tharin

Item 5
21 July 1862
B  /  20  / Ark
J. W. Bittick
Pvt. 20 Regt Ark
Name appears on a
of Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Con-
federate States who were killed in battle, or who
died of wounds or disease.
Where born: [blank]
When deceased: July 21, 1862
Where and from what cause: Priceville
Amount of money left: none
Effects: none
In whose charge: [blank]
When received: [blank]
Remarks: [blank]
     *This register appears to have been compiled in the Adjutant
and Inspector General's Office from returns furnished by Hospi-
tals and by Regimental and Company Officers.
Confed. Arch. Chap. 10, File No. 3, page 10
                        J W Williams

Item 6
27 Nov 1862
State of Arkansas   }  Mary R. Bittick person
Hempstead County }  ally comes before me
Aaron Burlison and being sworn says
that John W. Bittick in March 1862 joined
as a Volunteer in Capt Jefferson Cottin
gham Company of which he was a private & executed[?] the Confed
erate Service which said company
formed part of the Regt Commanded by
Col. King afterward by Col Henry W. John
son = that said Bettick (sic) died in said serv
ice on 21st July 1862 that said decea
sed was the husband of affrait[?]
sworn to before me            }                          her
this 27th day of Nov 1862 }            Mary R. X Bittick
       Aaron Burlison J. P.                              mark
Samuel T. Spraggins being sworn says
that he is a member of the company
of Volunteers commanded by Capt
Cottingham & since his death by
Capt L A Black of Col Kings Reg
iment & since his death comma
nded by Col H. _[W?] Johnson[?] that he
knew John W Bittick who was a me
mber of same company; that he
died in the service on the 21st July
1862 That said John W Bittick was
the husband of said Mary R. Bitti
ck, said John W. was a private
in said company
sworn to before me            }  Samuel T Spragins
this 27th day of Nov 1862 }
      Aaron Burlison J. P.

Item 7
27-29 Nov 1862
I, Aaron Burlison  do hereby certify
that Samuel T. Spraggins the witness
above is a man of Credibility.
     Given under my hand & seal this
Nov the 27th A. D. 1862   Aaron Burlison J. P. {seal}
I hereby empower & authorize G. D. Ray
iston to receive & receipt for the pay due
John W. Bittick as per affadivat (sic) above
this Nov the 27th 1862               her
                                       Mary R X Bittick
Attest[?] Aaron Burlison
Samuel T. Spragins
The State of Arkansas }
County of Hempstead } Sct
                                         I Luuon{/} T. Sanders Clerk
of the Circuit Court and Ex-officio clerk of the
County Court for Hempstead County in the State
of Arkansas hereby certify that Aaron Burleson
Esquire whose signature appears to the foregoing
Certificates is now and was at the time of signing an
acting Justice of the Peace for said county duly
Commissioned and sworn
            In Testimony whereof I have hereto set
            my hand and affixed the seal of said
            Court at office this 29th day of November
            A. D. 1862
                                    L. T. Sanders    Clerk

[written on side of paper]
Calls sent
Aug 11/63
Jany 20  1863
Adjt & 2 M Gens
for reports.

Item 8
Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office,
The Adjutant and Inspector General, C. S.:
Please report me the term of enlistment and the service and death, etc. of John W. Bittick
late Private of Captain Cottingham's
Company I  22 / 20th Johnson's Regiment Ark Troops Inf
                        Very respectfully, etc.,
                                    _ Calret[?]
 Special             not found on Rolls
                          of Regiment

Item 9
20 Jan 1863
Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office,
                                                Jany 20, 1863
The Quartermaster General, C. S.,
Please report me the bounty, last payment, clothing, etc, to John W. Bittick
deceased, later Private of Captain Cottingham's Company I
22d/20th Johnson's Regiment Ark Troops Inf
                        Very respectfully, etc.,
                                    T[?] Calret[?]
                                                Ch. Div. Deceased Soldiers.
Alleged, died in Hospital

Item 10
21 Jan 1863
            2d Auditors Office
                  Jany 21st 63
No returns for Johnsons Ark
Regt in this office
                        John W. Benson
                        G_ M Gens. Office
                                    Jany 30th 1863
No returns received
for Johnsons Ark
Regt at this office
                        G. M. Simpkin[?Lumpkin?]

Item 11
J. W. Bittic (sic)
Co I & G since E
20 Arks Troops
Enlisted March 1st '62
for one year
unpaid no clothes
or commutation recd
died July 21 '62 at
Priceville Camp of
see Discriptive (sic) list of
Capt Cottingham & others
filed in 20 Arks regt.
order 80
The above is a true copy
of description list referred
to.  These copies are made
off under the orders of the
            J. B___ting

Item 12
24 Aug to 4 Sep 1863
To Mary R. Bettick, widow of
Jno W. Bettick late private of Capt. Cottinghams Co. I,
Johnsons 20/22d Reg't, Ark Vol        Dr.
For pay of said deceased from March
1, 1862, the date of enlistment, to July 21,
1862, the date of death, inclusive
4 mo & 21 days at $11 per mo --      $51.70
Commutation for clothing                   25.00
Payable to Hon G. D. Royston, as per
P___[?] atty.[?] on file
Second Auditor's Office,
Augst [?] 24, 1863
J. B__ting Clerk.
September 4, 1863.
Ruhaw[? McRue Clerk.

Item 13
22 Aug 1863 to 22 Jan 1864
No 8274
Jno W. Bettick (sic), ___[?]
Pr. Capt. Cottinghams Co
Johnsons Reg. Ark Vol
20th/22nd Inf--Due $76.70
Pay officers & Pr. of the
Army Vol. md x c
Left 8-1863 Enclosed
certificate No 8274
to Hon G. D. Royston
Jany 22/64 ____ ____[?]
to Mr R. to___[?]
Reported Aug 22, 1863[?]
Conf Sept. 4
Item 14
20 Jan to 4 Sep 1863
B  /  35 King's / Ark
John W. Bittick
Pvt. Cottingham's Co. King's Regt
Name appears on a
of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from
Arkansas and Florida which were filed for set-
tlement in the Office of the Confederate States
Auditor for the War Department.
By whom presented: Hon. G. D. Royston atty
When filed: Jany 20, 1863
Where born: [blank]
Where died: [blank]
When reported to: Augt 24, 1863.
When returned: Sept 4, 1863
Number of settlements:
Certificates: 8274
Report: [blank]
Amount found due: 76.70
By whom paid: [blank]
No. of Paymasters' Settlements: [blank]
Abstract and No. of Voucher: [blank]
Confed. Arch., Chap. 10, File No. 28, page [blank]
            J. W. Wilkinson
Item 15
Betticks, J. W.
Co. E, 20 Arkansas Infantry.
Private / Private
Reference Envelope.
Cards filed with
Bittick, J. W.


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