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John Sobeski Bittick WWII Registration Card

Registration Card -- (Men born on or after April 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897)
Serial Number: U -2102
Name: John Sobe Bittick
Place of Residence: McCaskill, Hempstead, Arkansas
Mailing Address: Same. Route 1
Telephone: [blank]
Age in Years: 63
Date of Birth: Aug. 19, 1878
Place of Birth: Blevins, Arkansas
Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address: Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Bittick, McCaskill, Arkansas
Employer's Name and Adress: Self. Farming
Place of Employment or Business: McCaskill, Hempstead, Arkansas

I Affirm That I Have Verified Above Answers and That They Are True.
John Sobe. Bittick
D. S. S. Form 1
(Revised 4-1-42)

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