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Christopher Columbus Bittick--Documents Regarding Exemption from Military Service

Christopher Columbus Bittick's induction was preceded by these documents:

Christopher Columbus Bittick Petition to Col. R. F. Danley & Gen. Thos. C. Handman Regarding Military Service, Hempstead Co, Arkansas

Bold = names    Bold italics = signature

[copy of this document not available at this time]

(Graves?) P.O. Hempstead County Ark.
Col. R. F. Danley & Gen. Thos. C. Handman. Dear Sirs. Your 
petitioner Columbus Bitticks would represent that he is between 
the ages of 18 & 35 & subject to Conscription & that he has two 
Brothers in the Confederate Army -- That he has two aged & 
decrepit parents & a widowed sister & family to provide for. (All 
poor) That he is engaged in tilling the soil. --That he would have 
volunteered long since had it not been for the duty that he 
considered devolved upon him to provide for his aged parents -- 
That he dislikes to go as a Conscript & pledges himself that should 
one or both of his brothers return, (one of whom has a dependent 
family) that he will report himself to the enrolling officer or volunteer 
if necessary. Sworn to & subscribed before me. C. C. Bittick
Witness my hand and official Seal S. C. Sander, Clerk, 
Hempstead County Court, Ark. (not dated)

Petition from Neighbors of Christopher Columbus Bittick Regarding His Military Service

We the undersigned neighbors & acquaintances of 
Columbus Bitticks know the above statements 
to be correct & pray that his petition be 
granted & be exempted from military duty. 

Jes(ee) Sewell                             J. P Stephens
Stephanus Wallace
J. R. Darcket
Thomas Ferrell                             I believe the within statem
D _____                                        ent to be correct
________                                          David Black
John W. Willis                                     A. B. Williams
Thomas Burns
Jeff Stone
Wm. Ridgeway
M. W. McGill 

NOTE [by Dorothy L. Miller]:  I tried to check these names against the 1870 census for Hempstead County Arkansas.  I only found Thomas Burns age 53 and Thomas Ferrill, age 43 both in Redlands township. Two of the names were too faint to read.

Christopher Columbus Bittick-Special Order, June 28, 1862, Exemption from Military Service

                                        Office of Provost Marshal
Special Order}               Little Rock, June 28 1862 
                                It is hereby ordered that the 
within mentioned C. C. Bittick be exempt from 
the duties of a soldier under the Conscript Law, 
oweing to the helpless and dependent condition of his 
two aged parents, a widowed sister and family 
for whom he is providing and that he has two brothers 
in the Confederate service, constituting 
his case a meritorious one, and one that the 
Chf. Provost Marshal feels he is authorized in so 
exempting on this score of humanity--Provide 
the said C. C. Bittick continue to maintain the persons (as) dependent on him. 
                                    By order of 
                                    Col. B. F. Danley
                                    Chf. Pro. Marshal, Dist. Ark. 
                                    per D. F. Shall Maj. Asst. P. M.

Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington, Arkansas

Copies and transcriptions courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller

Military Service:

Confederate States of America
Company D, Hardy's Arkansas Infantry Regiment:
Bittick, Columbus C., Pvt.
Enlisted: 10 April 1863 at Washington, Arkansas
His original unit was Company F, 24th Arkansas Infantry

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