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Francis Bittick (b. 1809) & Mary Ann Melson

Arkansas Territory - Clark County
I William Killey an acting Justice of the peaes [peace] within
and for the Territory and County aforesaid do certify
that the Marriage Serrimony was performed by me
Between Francis Bittick and Mary Melson on this the
7th day of February A. D. 1833
                                                        William Kelley J. P.

Territory of Arkansas }
County of Clark }
I hereby Certify that the fore going Certificate
of marriage was this day produced to me in my office
and proved [?] to be recorded which is duly done.
Witness my hand as Clerk and ex-officio Recorder
for said County this 21st day of February A. D. 1833
and of the Independence of the United States the 57th
                                                        Isaac Uland [?] Clk
                                                        & ex-officio Recorder

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