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Oliver Delore Bittick & Ara Belle Lee Marriage

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[Indexed as Ara and Ava Belle Lee]

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State of Missouri, County of Jefferson

    This license authorizes any Judge, Justice of the Peace, Licensed or Ordained Preacher of the Gospel, or any other person authorized under the Laws of this State, to Solemnize Marriage, Between Oliver D. Bittick of Big River Twp County of Jefferson and State of Missouri, who is over the age of twenty-one years; and Miss Ara Belle Lee of Big River Twp in the County of Jefferson and State of Missouri who is over the age of eighteen years.

        Witness my hand as Recorder, with the seal of office hereto affixed, at my office in Hillsboro this 20th day of August 1887

                                                                                            A. L. Colman, Recorder

State of Missouri   }

County of Franklin } SS            This is to Certify that the undersigned Minister of the Gospel did at the Brides Residence in said County, on the 21 day of August 1887 unite in Marriage the above named persons.

                                                                                            S. S. Bittick Bapt. Min.

    The foregoing Certificate of Marriage was filed for Record in my office, on the 5th day of September1887 at 9 o'clock

                                                                                            A. L. Colman, Recorder



 Marriage License,

 Session Acts, 1881

 Issued to Oliver D. Bittick

 and Miss Ara Belle Lee

 on the 20th day of 

 August 1887

 Filed for Record on the 

 6th day of September 1887

 at 9 o'clock a.m.

 and Recorded in Marriage Record No 2

 at page 165

 A. L. Colman, Recorder

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