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Marriages of Mary/Polly Bittick, born abt. 1810-1813

This is to certify That I Herman Dace a Minister of the Gospel joined together in holy Matrimony William Everett and Polly Bettix State of Missouri Jefferson County Merrimac Township. July the 20th 1832
Recorded April 10th 1833
C Smith Clerk 

State of Missouri }
County of Jefferson }
Be it Remembered that the undersigned did Solemnize the rights of Marriage between James Woodland and Mary Everett on the 11th day of October 1848 - Nathan Sullens J.P.

[Thomas Moore indexed as Maone]

County of Franklin
For State of Missouri
This is to Certify that I joined in the bonds of Mattemonary (sic) on the 7 day of May 1855 Thomas Moore to Mary Woodland both of the State & County aforesaid.
Recorded November 5th 1855 P. Cole, J.P.

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