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Joseph C. Beesley/Beasley & Elizabeth Fenix/Phenix Marriage

Tennessee State Library and Archives. In Early Middle Tennessee Marriages:
Beasley, Joseph C. to Elizabeth Fenix 8-15-1843 [Sumner]" (pg. 35)

State of Tennessee, Sumner County, ss.
To any regular Minister of the Gospel, having the care of souls--
Or to any Justice of the Peace for said County--Greeting:

By virtue of the full power and authority, in me vested, I do hereby author-
ise and empower you, or any of you to celebrate and perform the rights of mat-
rimony between Joseph C. Beesley and
Elizabeth Fenix and join
them together as Husband and Wife--he having given security according to law.
Given under my hand, at office, this 15th day of August
A. D. 1843, and 68 year of American Independence.
Wm _. Mimday[?] Clerk

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