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Samuel F. Bittick [b. 1790] & Elizabeth Frazier Goodrum Marriage Transcription

[Item 1]
Marriage Bond - Cover page:
Saml F. Bittick
& } M Bond
Elizabeth Goodrum
Aug 19
[Item 2]
Marriage Bond:
Know All Men, That we Samuel F. Bittick &
_[blank]_ all of the county of Williamson in the State of
Tennessee, are held and firmly bound unto William Carroll, Esquire, Governor of the state of
Tennessee for the time being and his successors, in the sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars, which
payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our and each of our heirs, executors and
administrators, and each and every of us and them jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.  -
Witness our hand and seals this 19th day of August A.D. 1824
The Condition of this obligation is such, that whereas the above bounden Samuel
F. Bittick hath this day prayed and obtained from the clerk of the Williamson county court,
a license to marry Elizabeth Goodrum a resident of said county of
Williamson. Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage between the said
Samuel F. Bittick & Elizabeth Goodrum then this obligation
to be void, else to be and remain in full force and virtue according to the true intent and meaning.
Whereof                                                                 Samuel F. Bittick (seal)
            Witnesses present,                                      Jacob Page (seal)
[Item 3]
Marriage License:
The State of Tennessee -
            Williamson County, ss.
To any authorised (sic) Minister of the Gospel having the care of souls, or to
            any Justice of the Peace for said Count: -
These presents are to authorise (sic) you, or either of you, to solem-
nise the rites of matrimony between Samuel F. Bittick
& Elizabeth Goodrum provided always, that the said
Elizabeth to an actual resident in the aforesaid county of
            Given at the Clerk’s office in Franklin, this 19th day of August A.
D. 1824 and in the 49th year of our Independence.
                                                                              Tho. Hardwell ?? Clerk,
                                                                              Williamson County Court
[Item 4]
Marriage License Cover and Marriage:
Samuel F. Bittick
& } License
Elizabeth Goodrum
Issd. 19th August 1824.
Filed 4th Apl 1825
I doe Certify that I solemnized the rights (sic)
of mattrimony (sic) between the Within named
Cople (sic) The 19th day of august
1824 given under my hand the day
and Date above written. G. Barnes JP
[courtesy of Dorothy Miller]


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