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John R. Bittick [b. 1770-1775] & Cynthia Rakestraw Marriage Bond

Marriage License

Know all men, that we John R. Biddicks & Robert
McCraken of the County of Williamson, State of Tennessee, are held
& firmly bound unto the Governor of the said State, for the time being, in the sum
of 1250 dollars, to be paid to his Excellency, his successors, or assigns; to which
payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our executors, & adminis-
trators, and each and every of us and them, both jointly and severally and firmly
by these presents. Witness our hands and seals this 21st day of December
1814. The condition of the above obligation is such, that
whereas John R. Biddick hath prayed and obtained a
licence (sic) to marry Cintha Rextraw Now if there shall not
appear any lawful cause why the said John R & Cyntha
should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony as husband and wife, then this
obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue,
                                                                                                        John R. Bittick {seal}
                                                                                                        Robert McCracken {seal}

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