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Moses Calhoun Biddix & Tempy Selena Earley-Marriage License Transcription

Complete Transcript

Image of License, Part 1

State of North Carolina  }     Office Register of Deeds,

Rutherford County              }     Dec [? 25 or 28], 1888


To any Ordained Minister of any Religious Denomination, or any Justice of the

          Peace of said County:


Moses C Biddix having applied to me for a License for the Marriage

of Moses Calvin Biddix Land of Cedar Creek

age 24 years, color white, the son of James Biddix

and Elyza Biddix, the father now dead the mother living

Resident of Cedar Creek, and Tempy Earley

of Buffalo Creek, age 21 years color white, daughter of

James Earley and Amanda Earley

the father dead the mother Dead, resident of Buffalo Creek



Image of License, Part 2

State of North Carolina   }

Rutherford County            }


I, J. B. Moffitt, a Baptist

Minister, united in Matrimony Moses C. Biddix

and Tempy Earley, the parties licensed above, on the 27

day of Dec, 1888 of on the West Patch Mountain

in Chimney Rock Township in said County, according to law.


Witnesses present at Marriage:

Moses Hall of the above named township

Alfred Hudgins, of             Do [ditto]

Johnathon Hall, of             Do

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