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Notes for John R. Bittick

Based on census records John R. Bittick was born between 1770-1775, place is unknown, but said to have been born in North Carolina. John R. settled in the vicinity of Nolensville, Williamson Co, Tennessee about 1812 then moving to Pulaski, Giles Co, Tennessee before 1830. John was probably a farmer but no record has been found. In the 1820 census his age is stated as 45 plus, born 1775 or earlier. In the 1830 census his age is stated as 50-60, born between 1770-1780. His parents are also unknown at this time. In the 1880 census 5 of John R’s children list their father as born in North Carolina - 1 lists Tennessee and 1 lists Georgia. He died on 8 January 1837 in Giles County, Tennessee. His age at death is unknown. He is not a son of John Bittick/Biddix and Hannah Blount/Blunt or Francis Bittick and Mary Stanfield.

John was probably a farmer but no record has been found. Two notes in Giles County, Tennessee in 1833, list property offered as security. It included such items as his wife's loom and a blind mare, plus household items.

Said to have been born in North Carolina. John R. settled in the vicinity of Nolensville, Williamson Co, TN moving before 1830 to Pulaski, Giles Co, Tennessee.
John R. Bittick and Cintha Rentrow [Rakestraw] were married on 21 December 1814.
Bond, 21 Dec 1814. Bondsman: Robert , McCraken Wit. N? P
The date of 21 December could be the date of license. Cynthia's War of 1812 Pension Application states they married on 25 December at John's home and this was a second marriage for John.

[see Marriage Records for images of documents]
John R. Bittick & Cynthia Rakestraw Marriage Bond, 21 December 1814,
Williamson Co, Tennessee; courtesy of Dorothy Miller

Know all men, that we John R. Biddicks & Robert
McCraken of the County of Williamson, State of Tennessee, are held
& firmly bound unto the Governor of the said State, for the time being, in the sum
of 1250 dollars, to be paid to his Excellency, his successors, or assigns; to which
payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our executors, & adminis-
trators, and each and every of us and them, both jointly and severally and firmly
by these presents. Witness our hands and seals this 21st day of December
1814. The condition of the above obligation is such, that
whereas John R. Biddick hath prayed and obtained a
licence (sic) to marry Cintha Rextraw Now if there shall not
appear any lawful cause why the said John R & Cyntha
should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony as husband and wife, then this
obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue,
John R. Bittick {seal}
Robert McCracken {seal}

John R. Bittick & Cynthia Rakestraw Marriage License, 21 December 1814,
Williamson Co, Tennessee; courtesy of Dorothy Miller

To any authorised (sic) Minister of the Gospel, having the care of Souls, Or any
Justice of the Peace for said County, These are to authorise (sic) you, or either of
you, to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony, between John R. Biddick
and Cyntha Rex______[tear in paper]
agreeable to an Act of the Assembly, in such
cases made and provided Given at the Clerk's Office, this 21st day of
December 1814
_[?]. _[?]. Hardeman

[For Cynthia's Widow's Pension file, see Other Documents, Pension Records]
[For John R.'s military records, see Other Documents, Military Records]

John R. Bittick served in Capt. James Cowan's Company, Tennessee Militia in the War of 1812. Enlisted on 11 November 1813 at Fayetteville as a substitute for Moses Holder. Served against the Creek Indians. Discharged on 19 March 1814.
[Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications; Widow's Pension Application, War of 1812, Cynthia Bittick, WC-3896, and National Society of United States Daughters of 1812, application for membership of Mrs. W. J. Caldwell. Nat'l #4764, TN #68, courtesy of Dorothy Miller.]

War of 1812 Service Records found on
John R. Bittick, Private, Capt. Cowan's Co., Mounted Rangers, Tennessee Militia.
John R. Bittick, Private, Rangers, United States Volunteers. Roll Box: 18. Roll Exct: 602.

War of 1812 Service Records on show John R. Bittick as private in Capt. Cowan's Company, Mounted Rangers, Tennessee Militia. Rank when inducted was private and also when discharged. They also show John R. in the Rangers Company, United States Volunteers, also a private at induction and discharge.
[Roll Box 18, Roll Exct: 602 National Archives and Records Administration.]

The Bounty Land Application for the War of 1812 in the National Archives of Robert Bittick, Hempstead County, Arkansas, 4 August 1852 contains the statement of Robert Bittick that he "also served a three months tour, under Capt. Isaac Hammond in 1813, as a substitute, in the place of John Bittick or Biddix". Are these men brothers or closely related?

John R. Bittick, Pvt. [no other information]
Robert Biddix, Pvt., Col. Robert Dyer, Capt. Ribert (sic) Evans, Volunteer Mounted Gunmen
[Tennesseans in the War of 1812 by Bryon Sistler & Associates, Nashville, TN, courtesy of Dorothy Miller.]
Tax Lists:
1812 Franklin Co, Tennessee Tax List: p9: John Biddict
1820 Howard Co, Missouri Tax List: John R. Bittick - is this the same John R.?
Petition of the Inhabitants of Howard County, Missouri, 23 December 1819:
Wm Bicets [Bittick?]
John Bicets [Bittick?]
John R Bicets [Bittick? - is this John R. from Tn?]
[Missouri Pioneers, Vol. XXX, March 1976, p55, Nadine Hodges & Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff]
Tennessee Court Records:
Minutes of Court of Pleas & Sessions, Williamson County, Tennessee
Monday 2nd January 1815. Page 216
State} Assault & Battery This day came the defendant in proper person
vs} into open Court and on motion of the Solicitor with the assent of the
John R. Biddix} Court It is ordered that a nolle prosequi be entered and the defendant
} in proper person addressed the cost It is therefore considered by the court
that the State recover of the defendant the costs about the prosecution of this suit efficeint?
and that fif?
[FHL Film #45331, files of Dorothy L. Miller]

Williamson County, Tennessee
Minutes of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, p249
5 April 1815
Bond: James R. Biddick ^ & Jno. R. Biddick to the Chairman of Williamson Count Court for the support of Ruth Biddick, an object of charity.
[Note: in the original record, James R. Biddick is written then “ ^ & Jno. R. Biddick” inserted above the line. courtesy of Dorothy Miller. FHL Film #45331]
In 1809 a John Bittick was listed by Indian Agent Meigs as an intruder on Cherokee lands living on Battle Creek.
[Raulston and Livingood: Sequatchie, A Story of the Southern Cumberlands. FHL 976.87 H2]
Meigs wrote the intruders on 7 June 1809, telling them they had to move or they would be forcibly evicted.
[Note: A petition of President James Madison, dated Mississippi Territory, Elk River Simms'es Settlement, 5 September 1810 from Intruders on Chickasaw Lands, included a 'John Bidell' as well as Rosson and Shannon names. Could this be the John Bittick listed in 1809 by Indian Agent Meigs?
Ref: The Territorial Papers of the United States, Vol. VI, The Territory of Mississippi,, courtesy of Dorothy Miller]
Wills & Inventories of Williamson Co, Tennessee:

1812: p279: Inventory of the goods and chattels rights and credits of Ann Steward, Dec’d. Jan. 18, 1812. Bittick listed without a first name.

Bond on Robert Bitticks and Thomas Berry. [Is this John R. or Robert who settled in Arkansas?]

1817: p311: John A. Lagron, Dec’d. Inventory & Account of sale July 1817:
1 keg to John R. Billick .75

1817: p317: Jared McDonnico, Dec’d. Account of Sales July 1817:
John R. Bitticks 99 lbs. bacon $9.24˝

1817: p345: Samuel Smith, Dec’d. Account of Sales. Oct. session 1817. Sold 31 July 1817. Those buying: John R. Bittick

1818: p365: Thomas Goff, Dec’d. Account of Sales Jan. session 1818:
John Bittick 2. [prior purchase is for 1 slay .50 - John’s purchase could be for the same]

Giles County, Tennessee Deed Book H, p?
John R. Bittick} Wm Brooks }
Deed trust to}} Registered the 18th Jany 1831.
Thomas Chapman} Trustee }
Know all men by these present that I John R. Biddicks of the County
of Giles and State of Tennessee has this day for and in consideration
of the sum of Forty five dollars to me in hand paid by Thomas
Chapman the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have bargained
and sold & by these presents do bargain and sell to William Brooks
as trustee the following property. Two Horses one cow. Two beds
& furniture and one bed stead and fifteen head of Hogs. All my
household & kitchen To Have and to hold & I authorise
the said Wm Brooks as trustee to sell at any time the above property
by giving ten days notice to satisfy the above forty five dollars.
given under my hand and seal March 15th 1830
D C GibsonJohn R. Bittick {seal}
W R Davis
[FHL Film #968856, files of Dorothy L. Miller]

Giles County, Tennessee Deed Book K, p13
John R. Bittick} John H. Revis Trustee
Deed Trust to}
Thomas J. Denty} Registered the 1st of May 1833.
Know all men by these presents that whereas John R. Bitticks of
Giles Cty Tennessee am indebted to Thomas J. Denty of said county
in the sum of about fifty dollars, due by note made by me to
James D. Woodward assigned by him to Said Denty dated the 6th
day of march 1832, and due the 25th day of December 1832, for
fifty dollars, now to secure? the payment of Said Debt & all in =
= terest which has or may have accured thereon, I the said John R.
Bitticks for the consideration aforesaid & that of one dollar to
me in hand paid by Said Denty have this day bargained & Sold
and delivered, and by these presents do bargain, Sell & Deliver
unto John H. Rives and his exec or admr. the following property to biz
one sawd. horse, cow and her yearlin, one weaving Loom, one cup =
= board, one other cupboard Sets furniture, two beds & bed steads and their
clothing & furniture, two sows & the Shoats but the above convey =
ance is upon the following trust, and conditions, that if Said
debt or any part thereof Shall remain unpaid, on the 1st day
of May 1833, the Said John H. Revis Shall & may Sell the
above named property or enough thereof to pay Said debt
interest & all costs named? thereon & to this deed of trust when =
ever thereafter - he may be required So to do, by Said Denty, upon
giving ten days notice of time & place of Sale, and out of the
proceeds of Said Sale pay Said debt, interest and all costs as
above named, & the balance of Said proceeds, if any, pay to Said
Bitticks, and if the Said debt Shall be paid by Said Bitticks on
or before Said 1st day of May 1833, then the above property is
to be reconveyed & the Said Bitticks or if any part of Said Property
Shall remain unsold, after the Satisfaction of Said Debt and
costs as aforesaid, the Same is to be reconveyed as above this und =
stood & agreed by all parties that the possession and Keeping
of Said property is the remain? and continue in & within Said
Bitticks, & untill the Said trustee Shall take possession thereof
for the purpose of paying Said Debt as aforesaid, In testimony?
of all which we the Said parties have this day hereunto set
our hand, & affixed our Seals 27th of December 1832.
TestJohn R. Bitticks {Seal}
In ___ and _____ several placesJno. H. Revis {Seal}
before signedT. J. Denty {Seal}
Alexander his X mark Rosenbum
Thomas his X mark Chapman

State of Tennessee, Giles county SS. Personally appeared before me Justice
H. Lester Clerk of the circuit curt for the county aforesaid, John R. Bitticks
John H. Rives & Thomas J. Denty, with whom I am personally acquainted
and who acknowledged that they executed the within deed of Trust for the
purpose therein contained. Witness my hand at office this 1st day
of May 1833.S. A. Lester Clk
[FHL Film #968857, files of Dorothy L. Miller]

Giles County Tennessee Deed Book K, p14:
John R. Bitticks }John H. Revis Trustee
deed Trust to }
Thomas J. Denty }Registered 3rd day of May 1833. 10 minutes after A.M. term
Know all men by these presents that I John R. Bitticks in consideration
of my owing Thos. J. Denty about fifty dollars with some interest there on
& costs, due by note Given by Said Bitticks to James H. Woodward for fifty
dollars & assigned by Said Woodward to Said Denty, due 25th December
1832, and to secure? him Said Denty in the payments of Said money
I the Said Bitticks for the Said considerations have this day bargained &
Sold conveyed and delivered and by these presents do bargain Sell convey
& deliver unto John H. Revis, as trustee for me & Said Denty, for the
purpose of paying Said debt out of the property hereby conveyed, two
certain mares now in the possession of Said Bitticks - one a
blind bay mare the other a gray mare, If Said debt is not paid
in ten? days from that time the Said Rives is hereby authorized
to Sell Said mares at Public Sale for cash at such time & place
as he may choose giving ten days notice of the time & place, &
out of the proceeds of Said Sale to pay Said debt, & all interest &
costs thereon & the costs of this instrument & the balance If any pay
over to Said Bitticks, If Said Debt Shall on or before the expi =
= ration of Said ten days be paid by Said Bitticks, then the
Said Rives to convey? Said property to Said Bitticks, is in the
mean time to have & keep possession of Said mares unless
Sd. Denty Shall require Said Rives in - writing to take them -
into his possession, the Said Bittick is also to keep possession
of Said mares until Said Revis upon being required So to do
by Said Denty, Shall think proper - to take them into his
possession which he may do at any time hereof as aforesaid
Witness our hands & Seals this 2nd day of May 1833.
Test.Jno. H. Revis {Seal}
Samuel HamptonJohn R. Bitticks {Seal}
James his X mark BulThos. J. Denty {Seal}
State of Tennessee }

Giles County }Personally appeared before me Charles C.
Abernathy Clerk and master of the Chancery Court at Pulaski
the within named John H. Revis, John R. Bitticks and Thomas
J. Denty with whom I am personally acquainted, and who
acknowledged that they executed the within deed of Trust for
the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at
office this 3rd day of May 1833.
Charles C. Abernathy Clerk VC?
[FHL Film #968857, files of Dorothy L. Miller]
[have images of above court records]

The 1800 Census was enumerated as of 04 August 1800, the 1st Monday. 9 months were allowed to complete.
1800 Salisbury District, Stokes Co, North Carolina, p621, line 03:
John Bittick - 00010/00100/0/0
1m 26-44 c1756-84 = John Bittick
1f 16-25 c1775-85 = Lydia Willis
[John Bittick & Lydia Willis married 26 Sep 1799 Stokes Co NC. This is likely the John R. Bittick who married Cynthia Rakestraw 21 Dec 1814 in Williamson Co, Tennessee. 1810 whereabouts unknown. 1820 found in Williamson Co, Tennessee. It was known that John R. was married before Cynthia Rakestraw and had a daughter, Martha Charlotte or Charlotte Martha, who named a daughter, Lydia. However there is no hard evidence connecting the John who married Lydia Willis to the John R. who married Cynthia Rakestraw.]

Census began on 7 August 1820 - no ending date in Williamson Co, Tennessee
1820 Williamson Co, Tennessee, p178: 200001/1111/01
John R. Biddex
2m -10 c1810-20 = Hiram c1816 & Green c1818
1m +45 c -1775 = John R. c1775 or earlier
1f -10 c1810-20 = Elgina c1820
1f 10-16 c1804-10 = Charlotte Martha c1806
1f 18-26 c1794-1804 = Margaret c1794-1802 sister of John? who?
1f 26-45 c1774-94 = Cynthia c1775-1794
1m 14-26 = slave

[Note: John R. was married prior to Cynthia Rakestraw in 1814. The name of the first wife is unknown, but their daughter is the female child, 10-16 b c1804-10. This child is Charlotte, who married John Wall. In the 1850 census, Charlotte states her age as 44, born c1806.]

Information at the Giles Co, Tennessee Library:
John R. Bittick came to Giles County about 1823 with wife Cynthia and lived in Waco. [John Lloyd, papers of Dorothy Miller]

1830 Census - taken between 1 June and 8 December 1830
1830 Giles Co, Tennessee, page 141, line 9: 13100001/001001
Jno R. Biddie
1m -5 c1825-30 = Isaac N. c1826
3m 5-10 c1820-30 = Jerome c1824, Absolem c1822 & Green c1818
1m 10-15 c1815-20 = Hiram c1816
1m 50-60 c1770-80 = John R. c1775
1f 10-15 c1815-20 = Eglina c1820
1f 30-40 c1790-1800 = Cintha c1795
In 2003, Rollie J. 'Pete' Bittick, of LaGrange, Georgia told of a conversation with a 'Helen' Bittick of Shelbeyville, Tennessee. She was a retired school teacher who said that her GG Grandfather was John R. Bittick. She also said that both he and his brother, Samuel F., traded in horses. They either shipped or trailed them to the Southern states to sell. [Note: There is no proof of John R. and Samuel F. being brothers at this time.]
Widow's Pension App War of 1812 #3263
War of 1812, Tennessee Militia 1813, Pvt.

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