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Notes for Frank\Francis Marion Bittick

Francis Marion Bittick & Martha Frances Hampton married 8 September 1869 Hempstead Co, Arkansas
[see Marriages: Frank/Francis Marion Bittick & Martha Frances 'Fanny' Hampton]
Page: 385
Francies Bitticks
M. F. Hampton

State of Arkansas }
Hempstead County } This is to certify that I Alexander Avery
Ordained Minister of the M. E. Church South did
Sollemnize the rites of Matrimony between Francies Marion
Bitticks age 21 years, and Martha Frances Hampton age 20
Years on the 8 day of September 1869 in the County of Hempstead
State of Arkansas, and that my credentials are recorded in the
Clerks office in Ouchita [Ouachita] County, Book B, Page the 6 dated
May the 19, 1843 A. Avery
Filed for Record 22 Sept 1869
And Recorded 6 day of October A. D. 1869
John C. Page Clerk
By G. M. Martin DC

Francis Marion Bittecks and Martha Hampton were married on 8 September 1869 at Avery's Church, by Rev. Avery.

Francis Marion Bittick during the Civil War was a messenger in Cabal's Infantry, CSA. He was a carpenter, farmer, veterinarian.

Francis Marion bought homestead from the St Louis Iron Mt and Southern Railway Co, deed dated, 2 Jul 1890, Book 60, p427.

In 1979, Cloid S. Bittick had his lakeside house built on 73 acres of this homestead property.
[16 Jan 2001 per Ann Bittick, daughter of Cloid.]

Francis 'Frank' Marion Bittick and Martha Frances 'Fannie' (Hampton) Bittick are buried in the Friendship Cemetery, Redland Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas. The cemetery is a couple miles southeast of McCaskill, which is north of Hope. [see Tombstone Photo: Frank/Francis Marion Bittick]

Also, buried in this cemetery are John Sobeski and Margaret Elizabeth (Reaves) Bittick, Beatrice Jewel (Bittick) Askew, and Helen (Long) Bittick's parents and grandparents.
[Johnny M. Bittick, email 7 Feb 2004]

Baptized at Methodist Harmony Church, McCaskill, Hempstead Co, Arkansas
Census Enumerations:

1860 Red Land Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas no date 1860, p735:
#337/337 Robert Bittick 72 m w NC farmer $1280/925
Cynthia 48 f Mo
John W. 33 m Ar
William 31 m Ar
Columbus 16 m Ar
Francis 12 m Ar
Mary 18 f Tn - [wife of John W.]
Note: none of the pages for Red Land Township have dates.

1870 - unable to locate family

1880 Wallaceburg, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 4 June 1880, p409d
#62/62 Bittick Franklin w m 32 head md farmer Ar IL Mo
Fannie w f 30 wife md Al Ms Al
Julia w f 8 dau single attended school Ar Ar Al
Era w f 5 dau single attended school Ar Ar Al
Ada w f 3 dau single Ar Ar Al
Soby w m 2 son single Ar Ar Al

1900 Redland Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 4 June 1900, ed51, p285a:
#50/50 Bittick Frank M. head w m Jan 1848 53 md 30 yrs Ar IL Mo
Martha E. wife w f June 1849 50 md 30 yrs 9 born/7 living Al SC Ga
Sobieski son w m Aug 1878 21 single Ar Ar Al
Della dau f Aug 1883 16 single Ar Ar Al
Lora A. dau w f Aug 1885 14 single Ar Ar Al
Lotus son w m Aug 1887 12 single Ar Ar Al
H__, James boarder w m Sep 1839 66 single Mo Va Ky

1910 Redland Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 13 May 1910, ed84, p236a:
Dalton? & Ozan Road
#264/266 Bittick John S. head m w 31 md1 7yrs Ar Ar
Lizzie wife f w 28 md1 7 yrs 0 born/0living Al Al
#265/267 Bittick Frank M. head m w 62 m1 41yrs Ar Ar Ar
Fannie wife f w 60 m1 41 yrs 7 born/6 living Ms Ar
#266/268 Bittick Lotus S. head m w 22 m1 2 yrs Ar Ar
Laura A. wife f w 21 m1 2yrs 0 born/0 living Ar Ar

1920 Red Land Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 15 & 16 January 1920, ed?, p97a:
#109/111 Bittick John S. head m w 41 md Ar
Lizzie M. wife f w 35 md Al
Beatrice J. dau f w 7 single Ar
Cloid S. son m w 5 Ar
#110/112 Bittick Francis M. head m w 71 md Ar
Frances M. wife f w 70 md Al
#111/113 Hyatt Mince C. head m w 37 md Ar
Della M. wife f w 36 md
Waltha J. son m w 16 single Ar
Augusta E. dau f w 15 single Ar
Dilla R. dau f w 13 single Ar
Dena S. dau f w 9 single Ar
Violet G. dau f w 6 single Ar

1930 Redland Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 15 April 1930, ed29-23, p252a:
#26/26 Bittick F. M. head m w 82 md@@22 Ar
Fannie wife f w 80 md@@20 Al
#27/27 Bittick J. S. head m w 52 md@@15 Ar
Lizzie wife f w 46 md@@18 Al
Beatrice dau f w 17 single Ar
Cloid son m w 16 single Ar
Land Records:
[See Other Documents: Deed: John W. Bittick and wife Mary A. to Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. Bittick November 7, 1860, Hempstead Co, AR]

7 November 1860
Hempstead Co, Arkansas
Know all men by these presents that in consideration of one hundred dollars to me in hand paid. The Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge that I John W. Bittick have this day bargained and Sold unto Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. Bittick a certain track (sic) or parcel of Land (crease in paper. Illegible) as follows the East half of the North West quarter of Section Fourteen in Township ten South of Range twenty four west Containing eighty Acres acording to the plants of the Surveyor general to have and to hold together with all the Rights and priviliges therto belonging in fee Simple forever and I John W. Bittick for myself, my heirs executors and Administrators Shall warrant and defend the Same unto Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. Bittick against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever and I Mary A. Bittick wife of Said John W. Bittick in the consideration above mentioned and for divers other considerations do hereby Release and quit claim unto Christopher C. Bittick and Francis M. Bittick all of my claim on possibility of dower in or out of the above named tract or parcel of Land in testimony whereof we the Said John W. Bittick and Mary A. Bittick have herunto Set our hands and Seal this November the 7th 1860. (Signed) John W. Bittick (Seal)

State of Arkansas
County of Hempstead S.S.
Be it remembered that on this 8th day of November 1860 before me Aaron Burlison an acting and duly commissioned justice of the peace for said county in the Township of Redlans personally appeared John W. Bittick grantor of the within D (-------------) subject that he had assigned the within Deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed and desired the same to be certified and on the same day and at the same place came Mary A. Bittick wife of the said John W. Bittick who then being examined by me in the absence of her said husband and the contents of the within deed being by me fully explained to her she declared that she had of her own free will executed the same without compulsion or undue influence of her said husband and desired the same to be certified.
Given under my hand this 8th day of November 1860. Aaron Burlison
[Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, courtesy of Dorothy Miller]
War Department
O.Q.M.G. Form No. 623
Approved Aug. 12, 1913
Revised May 18, 1931
Application For Headstone
(Please Make Out And Return In Duplicate)
Enlistment Dates: November, 1864
Discharge Dates: March 1, 1865
Name: Bittick, F. M. [handwritten Not Identified C.S.A.]
Rank: Private
Company: Cabal's Infantry
U.S. Regiment, State Orginization, or Vessel: Lt. Captain Sorrells' Reg.
Date of Death: Sept. 14, 1935 [handwritten Nov 26, 1935]
Name of Cemetery: Friendship
Located in or near: City: McCaskill; State: Ark.
To be shipped to: J. S. Bittick, at McCaskill, Hempstead County, Ark.
Whose post-office address is: McCaskill, Arkansas
This application if ro the UNMARKED grave of a veteran. It is understood the stone will be furnished and delivered at the railroad station or steamboat landing above indicated, at Government expense, freight prepaid. I hereby agree to promptly accept the headstone at destination, remove it and properly place same at decedent's grave at my expense. NO FEE SHOULD BE PAID IN CONNECTION WITH THIS APPLICATION.
[signed] J. S. Bittick, Applicant
Address: McCaskill, Arkansas
Date: March 30, 1936
Note: Do Not Write Here
To A.G.O. ?? 1936
Ordered Columbus, Miss Jun 10, 1936
B/L 140060
Shipped: 6/29/36

Buried: 28 November 1935, Friendship Cemetery, McCaskill, Hempstead Co, Arkansas:
Frank M. Bittick
Cabal's Ark. Inf.

another stone:
Frank M.
1848 - 1935
[ has photo of headstone]

Fannie M. Bittick
Same Stone

Buried: 28 November 1935, Friendship Cemetery, McCaskill, Hempstead Co, Arkansas [see Tombstone Photo: Frank/Francis Marion Bittick]
Frank/Francis Marion Bittick & John Sobeski Bittick Family

Frank/Francis Marion Bittick, Martha Frances (Hampton) Bittick, Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Reaves) Bittick, Erie Monterey (Bittick) Hyden, Halton Alexander Bittick

Frank/Francis Marion Bittick & Della (Bittick) Hyatt Family

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