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Notes for Nancy Williams

The parents of Nancy Williams are not known. There was a William Williams on Lot 183, Wachovia Settlement at the same time as Samuel Bittick was there. [see Other Documents: Samuel Bittick-Wachovia Information]

The Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, North Carolina wrote to Dorothy L. Miller on 5 March 1991 stating that there is a record of William Nailer Williams in the Hope Church Register, born 17 February 1740 in Maryland and died 22 March 1823, Hope, North Carolina. He was married to Sarah Robertson in 1771 in Maryland who was born 20 January 1746 in Charles City, Maryland, and died 20 August 1796 in Hope, North Carolina. Sarah was said to have had 1 son and 5 daughters of whom were named James, Elizabeth, Amy and Barbara [2 daughters are missing]. William was a 'married by divorced man' who fathered 11 children. It is not known if this William and Sarah could be the parents of Nancy Williams. [courtesy of Dorothy Miller]

On the 1880 census, Lucinda Bittick Caruthers gives her parents places of birth as:
Father b. Kentucky
Mother b. Missouri
It's unlikely that Nancy was born in Missouri between 1760-70. Perhaps Samuel and Nancy lived in Missouri before locating in Arkansas. This would fit into the time frame of the other Bittick families arriving in Missouri before the Louisiana Purchase. If they arrived after the birth of Jesse in 1805 in North Carolina - the dates fit. And, if Rebecca was born in the Meramac District of St Louis about 1812 it also suggests that Samuel and Nancy lived in Missouri before Arkansas. Of particular interest is the 1830 census of Lincoln Co, Missouri listing a Samuel Bicid.
1829 Clark Co, Arkansas Sheriff Census
Jesse Bittick - Nancy is possibly one of the 2 females older than 14 listed with him.

1830 Little Missouri Township, Clark Co,Arkansas p202:
Nancy Biddise - 001/001000001/3
1m 10-15 = 1815-20 = ?
1f 10-15 = 1815-20 = Rebecca c1812
1f 60-70 = 1760-70 = Nancy, widow of Samuel

1840 Antoine Township, Clark Co, Arkansas, p110:
Caruthers, Alexander B.
1m - 5 c1835-40 = Francis Marion b. ca1836
2m 10-15 c1825-30 = who? are they John or Allen, Alexander's brother?
1m 30-40 c1800-10 = Alexander B. c1810
1f - 5 c1835-40 = Elizabeth J. b. ca1834
1f 5-10 c1830-35 = Melissa Jane b. ca1833
1f 15-20 c1820-25 = who?
2f 20-30 c1810-20 = Lucinda Bittick c1818; who? Is one Alexander's unknown sister?
1f 60-70 c1770-80 = Nancy Bittick [Rachel Caruthers died 1826]
11 slaves
Pioneers and Makers of Arkansas by Josiah H. Shinn, pub 1908, reprinted 1967 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltiomore.
Chapter XIX: Longevity of the Pioneers; Work of the Half-Century Emigrants, page 157.
p159: Men and women of forty-five years or older piloted the long caravans of covered wagons that entered the State in territorial days; they entered the lands; they cleared the lands and built the cabins. In those days people younger than these were to be seen, not heard. There were exceptions of course, but the rule was as I have stated. Young lawyers and politicians came in droves of one and two, while the old people came in caravans.
I have in a previous chapter picked out the men over sixty years of age in Lawrence County, but found the task too great for the entire territory. I have changed the age to seventy or more and present the following list, as official and authentic, for the entire territory in 1830. It proves that old men in that day were not afraid to make long journeys, not afraid to make a new home in the wilderness. These old men and women are the ancestors of thousands of our best citizens and are entitled to the special mention I give them.
p160: In Clark County they were limited to septuagenarians... The roll contains ten names -
Mrs George Overban
Mary Dickson
Benjamin Cos [Cox?]
John Little
Jonathan West
Charles Cox
Mrs Charles Cox
John Elkins
Mrs. Joseph Galbreath
[This would agree with Nancy's date of death in 1845 - age 80. So, she must have been born before 6 April 1765.
Clark Co, Arkansas Court Records:

Guardianship Records:
Oct 1841
Guardian appointed: Thomas McLaughlin, (for) Nancy Bittick (insane), p32, 42, 47, 69, 76, 94, 113, 133, 140. Security was James L. McLaughlin and Hugh Floyd. [Note: Thomas McLaughlin married Rebecca Bittick who is probably the daughter of Nancy Williams Bittick]

Guardianship Records:
July 1844
Joshua or Thomas Elkins (replacing Thos. McLaughlin who has moved out of the county)
Nancy Bittick (insane), p 158, 159, 168
[need pages]

Tuesday, July 15, 1845:
p. 27 Accounts presented:
John C. Logan - $10, for making coffine for Nancy Bittick, a pauper
Alexander B. Caruthers - $58.50, for board, nursing, attention and funeral expenses of Nancy Bittick.

p. 28 Alexander B. Caruthers was allowed $30.71 for care of Nancy Bittick who died on 6 April 1845. [Note: Alexander Caruthers married Lucinda Bittick who is probably the daughter of Nancy Williams Bittick]
[courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller]

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