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Notes for Hannah Bittick

1. April 09, 1790, Hannah was born, probably in Surry Co, North Carolina [see Heirlooms--Francis & Mary Bittick Bible Record]

2. Abt. 1808, Missouri, Hannah married David Hildebrand.

3. January 26, 1810, St. Louis Co, Missouri, heirs of Adam House sell land [see below].

4. 1830, Merrimac Twp, Jefferson Co, MO p126, line 10, David Hildebrand --1200000/2021001

5. May 04, 1835, Jefferson Co, Missouri, Admrx of David, Estate, widow

6. 1840 Jefferson County, Missouri Census - Hanna Hildebrand is listed--0112/0011001

7. Before 9 November 1848, Hannah died in Jefferson Co, Missouri. [see Probates: Hannah (Bittick) Hildebrand]
1840 Jefferson Co, Missouri, p98, line 21:
Hanna Hilderbrand - 0112/0011001
1m 5-10 c1830-35 = David 1831
1m 10-15 c1825-30 = Peter 1828
2m 15-20 c1820-25 = Caleb 1824
= Phillip 1822
1f 10-15 c1825-30 = Anna Eliza 1830
1f 15-20 c1820-25 = Belinda 1825
1f 40-50 c1790-1800 = Hannah Bittick Hildebrand 1790
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
The Hannah who married David Hildebrand has long been identified as Hannah McCourtney. In 1942 (second edition 1950), Anna Satori published a book, Among My Pioneer Ancestors, and it is her book that most people use as the source for David Hildebrand marrying Hannah McCourtney. Anna was wrong in her assumption which she based on oral information provided by one of the relatives. At the time Anna wrote her book, she actually had the correct information available in the form of two bible records but failed to make the connection. The first record is a listing of the children of Francis Bittick and Mary Stanfield which lists their daughter, Hannah Bittick. The second is a record for David Hildebrand and Hannah, his wife. The dates are the same for Hannah Bittick and Hannah Hildebrand and written by the same person, likely at the same time.

There is only one known Hannah McCourtney in the area at the time of David & Hannah's marriage. This Hannah McCourtney married John Bittick, a brother of Hannah Bittick, and a son of Francis and Mary. I think this is where the confusion came from - the relative knew there was a Hannah McCourtney in the family but had her connected to the wrong person. The man who provided the information to Anna Satori never knew either one of the Hannah's in question.

For additional information see Heirlooms-- Francis & Mary Bittick Bible Record, Transcription and History.
Hilderbrand Family Bible Record, owned by Betty Wease Clark:
Hannah Helterbrand Born 9 April A.D. .... [1790 nee Bittick]
Francis Helterbrand Born 29 December A.D. .... [1809]
Abraham Helterbrand Born 6 May A.D. .... [1811]
William Helterbrand Born 16 October A.D. .... [1813]
Mary Helterbrand Born 23 April A.D. 1816
Lucinda Helterbrand Born 16 March A.D. 1817
Meranda Helterbrand Born 17 October A.D. 1818
Phillip Helterbrand Born 10 March A.D. 1822
Caleb Helterbrand Born 3 July A.D. 1824
Belinda Helterbrand Born 13 December A.D. 1825
Peter Helterbrand Born 20 May A.D. 1828
Ann Eliza Helterbrand Born 6 May A.D. 1830
... R. Helterbrand Born 14 August A.D. 1831 [David R.]
... Helterbrand Died on the 4 Day of January 1834 [David]

Also see Heirlooms-- Francis and Mary Bittick Bible Record
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
St. Louis Co., MO Deed Book D, p. 90, dated 26 Jan 1810:
Witness to HILDEBRAND deed, dated 26 day of January 1810, between David Hildebrand, and Hannah, his wife, John Brindley and Mary, his wife, who is the daughter of Adam House, deceased, Hardy Ware and Drusilla, his wife, who is the daughter of Adam House, deceased, Michael Null and Margaret, his wife, who is also a daughter of Adam House deceased and the said David Hildebrand's first wife who as also a daughter of the said Adam House deceased, who are jointly the sole heirs at low of the estate of him, the aforesaid Adam House deceased, all of the district of St. Louis and territory of Louisiana, who form the first part of this deed and Wm Russell.....In testimony whereof, the said party of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals issued aforesaid. (Those signing: David & Hannah H., Mary & John Brindley, Michael Null, Hardy & Drusilla Ware. Among witness: Abraham Hildebrand, Christy Hildebrand, THOMAS BITTICK, John Coons. Hardy Ware (the only one who signed, others made their marks.) Among My Pioneer Ancestors, Hildebrand Chapter, by Anna B. Sartori, pub 1942, second edition 1950, p70+71.
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
Jefferson Co, Missouri Probate Records Book, , 1822-38 p136:
Probate File 228 - David Hilterbrand
Hannah Hilderbrand, Administrator of & with Estate of David Hilderbrand, 1835 May 4, Bond of Said Administrator approved. 1838 April 25, Amount of dower, 150.00. 1840 Oct. 27, Final settlement disbursements allowed. Order to keep balance for support of heirs.

The Index only lists Hannah but the Intestate probate includes William Hill.
Jefferson Co, Missouri
Probate File 223
Hannah Helderbrand
State of Missouri,} ss. In Vacation Nov 9th 1848,
County of Jefferson,}
This day personally appeared before me, the Clerk of the County Court, for the county of Jefferson, the undersigned Philip Heldebrand, who being by me duly sworn, upon his oath says that to the best of his knowledge there are heirs of Hannah Helderbrand deceased, now in being: To wit, Francis, Lucinda Maranda, Philip, Calep, Malinda, Peter, Ann Eliza & David Helderbrand, and the heirs of mary Hill decd and that to the best of his knowledge that the said deceased died without a will, as far as he knows and believes; and that he will well and truly administer all and singular the goods and chattels, lands and tenements, rights, and credits, of the said deceased, and pay the debts, as far as the assets which may come to his hands will extend, and the law direct; and that he will make a true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits, of the said deceased, and account for and pay over, according to law, all assets which shall come to his hands, possession or knowledge,
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this ninth day of November 1848}
Philip Helterbrand [signed]
Jas Albor?, Clerk
[courtesy of Vi Parsons, email, 29 Oct 2005] [see Probates: Hannah (Bittick) Hildebrand Probate, Item 1]

1848 - Hannah Hildebrand died intestate. Children and grandchildren, Salinda, David and Mary E. Hill, children of Mary Hildebrand Hill, deceased, are listed.
Philip Hildebrand, administrator, paid the other heirs $27 each for their interests and obtained the land. Isaac Herrington was security. Samuel Herrington had a note signed in David's papers.

Jefferson Co, Missouri
Probate File 245
William Hill, administrator for David, Salinda and Mary Hill. Papers show William requested to be appointed administration of these funds. ($37)
[courtesy of Vi Parsons, email, 16 Oct 2005]
The "Hilderbrands" are mentioned in the 1890 Samuel Guinn Bittick letter. In a previous letter to Samuel Guinn, James Henry Bittick apparently asked a question regarding the Hilderbrand family. Samuel G. confirmed that he had heard of the Hilderbrands. Unfortunately, there is no further information, but it does seem to indicate a relationship between the Bittick and Hilderbrand families [see Heirlooms-1890 Samuel Guinn Bittick Letter, page 6].


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