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Notes for Thomas Stanfield Bittick

Thomas Stanfield Bittick was probably born in North Carolina December 09, 1788 [see Heirlooms--Francis and Mary Bittick record]. He came to Missouri with his parents prior to December 20, 1803. He was named as a son of Francis in the letter Samuel Guinn Bittick wrote in 1890 [see Heirlooms-1890 Samuel Guinn Bittick Letter, page 1]. In 1810, Thomas signed the petition requesting the U. S. recognize Spanish and French land grants [see Other Documents--1810 Land Petition]. Also in 1810, he was a witness to a deed between David and Hannah Hildebrand, John and Mary Brindley, Hardy and Drusilla Ware, and Michael and Margaret Null [see below]. About 1812, he married Prudence Reed. He appears on the 1820 Tax List for Franklin County, Missouri and by about 1823 is in Gasconade County. Since Gasconade County was formed from Franklin County, he may not have moved, but the name of the county changed. In 1827, Thomas served in the jury during a murder trial which lasted all summer. He seems to have been in Hempstead County, Arkansas in 1830. He was back in Gasconade County before 1836 and died there in 1838. Information [see Heirlooms, Thomas Stanfield Bittick] from the John R. Bittick Bible indicates that he died May 12, 1838; the probate for his estate is dated August 7, 1838.

Census: 1830, Arkansas Territory, 1011001/10101, p. 262 [see census information below]

December 09, 1788, Thomas was born, possibly in North Carolina.

1810, Thomas signed the Louisiana Territory, Land Petition, Section 14 (petition requesting U. S. recognize Spanish & French land grants) [see 1810 petition]

January 26, 1810, St. Louis Co, Missouri - Witness to Hildebrand Deed (see below)

about 1812, married Prudence Reed

1820, Tax List for Franklin County, Missouri, North Gasconade Twp.--Thomas Bittick [courtesy of James Fritsch]

Aft. December 06, 1823, Gasconade Co, Missouri - purchaser from Adm. Sale of George Pointer (see below)

Bet. June - October 1827, Gasconade Co, Missouri - member of circuit court jury (see below)

1828, Gasconade Co, Missouri Tax List, Grand Jury, Voters List

1836, US Land Sale, Gasconade Co, Missouri, Sec28 Twp.41 Rg6, Vo14 p.52, Vo13 p43

August 12, 1837, Gasconade Co, Missouri, Thomas S. Bittick IOU to D. B. Wherry; believe this was signed by Thomas S. Bittick. [see Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate File, Item 27

November 07, 1837, Gasconade Co, Missouri; Document Nr. 5844; Section 27, Township 41-N; Range 6-W; 80 acres

December 25, 1837, Gasconade Co, Missouri, IOU to J. J. Wyatt for $10.87. This note seems to have been written and signed by Thomas S. Bittick [see Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate, Item 18].

March 2, 1838, Gasconade Co, Missouri, IOU to Joseph Crider for $12. This note seems to have been written and signed by Thomas S. Bittick [see Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate, Item 22].

April 1, 1838, Gasconade Co, Missouri, Thomas S. Bittick owes Spyes or Spyers Palmer $11.00 for one overcoat, credit $1.00 for wheel rim

1837-1838, Gasconade Co, Missouri, Thomas Bittick has two students taught by Phill S. Durbin [see Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate File, Item 31]

May 12, 1838, Gasconade Co, Missouri, Thomas died, according to information in the John R. and Cyntha Bittick Bible [see Other Documents-Thomas Stanfield Bittick]. On May 21, 1838, John R. purchased cloth, a vest pattern and stockings from D. B. Wherry. John R. was later reimbursed for these items from his father's estate [see Probates & Wills-Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate File, Item 19]. These items could have been purchased for Thomas' funeral. They are very similar to items purchased for the funeral of Richard H. Wallace [see Richard H. Wallace Probate File, Item 14]. It is possible that Thomas died on May 21, and the numbers were transposed when written in the information from John R.'s Bible.

Probate: August 07, 1838, Gasconade Co, Missouri (died intestate-see Probates & Wills)

1846, Four shares of a tract of land belonging to Thomas Bittick, deceased, are mentioned in the estate inventory of Francis C. Wallace [died 1846. see Probates & Wills]

Namesake: His middle name was his mother's maiden name [see Heirlooms--Thomas Stanfield Bittick]
Franklin County, Missouri: Combined Land And Property: 1823, 1824, 1825:
Biddix, John [probably John Bittick, born 1781]

Secondary List from The Enquirer and The Republican, St. Louis:
Beltick, Thomas, Gray Township, stray [probably Thomas Stanfield Bittick]
[above from Missouri Miscellany books]
1830 Hempstead Co, AR Territory Census, page 262 --1011001/10101:
1m -5 ca 1825-30 = Henry W. born ca 1828 in MO.
1m 10-15 ca 1815-20 = Simeon S/L. born ca 1819 in MO
1m 15-20 ca 1810-15 = John R. born 7 Oct 1813 in MO
1m 40-50 ca 1780-90 = Thomas S. Bittick born 9 Dec 1788 in NC
1f -5 ca 1825-30 = Drucilla born ca 1825 in MO
1f 10-15 ca 1815-20 = Nancy born ca 1816 in MO
1f 20-30 ca 1800-10 = Prudence born ca 1795 in KY
Courtesy of Ronda J. Snider:
From John R. Bittick Bible [see Heirlooms, Thomas Stanfield Bittick]:
Thomas Stanfield Bittick
was born Aprile 10 in 1788
and DeSeased on the 12 day
of May in the year 1838
aged 50 years, 1 months 2 days

This was written by descendant of Thomas and indicates his full name. It is the cover and flyleaf of an old book, probably belonging to John R. Bittick, and was kept in the John R. and Cyntha (Wallace) Bittick Bible. Note that Thomas' birth date differs from the Francis & Mary Bittick record, however, the year of birth is the same. Richard H. Wallace, Cyntha's brother, died April 10, 1838, and this may have been the source of confusion [see Heirlooms-Wallace Record].
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
St. Louis Co., MO Deed Book D, p. 90, dated 26 Jan 1810:
Witness to HILDEBRAND deed, dated 26 day of January 1810, between David Hildebrand, and Hannah, his wife, Johm Brindley and Mary, his wife, who is the daughter of Adam House, deceased, Hardy Ware and Drusilla, his wife, who is the daughter of Adam House, deceased, Michael Null and Margaret, his wife, who is also a daughter of Adam House deceased and the said David Hildebrand's first wife who as also a daughter of the said Adam House deceased, who are jointly the sole heirs at low of the estate of him, the aforesaid Adam House deceased, all of the district of St. Louis and territory of Louisiana, who form the first part of this deed and Wm Russell.....In testimony whereof, the said party of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals issued aforesaid. (Those signing: David & Hannah H., Mary & John Brindley, Michael Null, Hardy & Drusilla Ware. Among witness: Abraham Hildebrand, Christy Hildebrand, THOMAS BITTICK, John Coons. Hardy Ware the only one who signed, others made their marks.) Among My Pioneer Ancestors, Hildebrand Chapter, by Anna B. Sartori, pub 1942, second edition 1950, p70+71.

Gasconade Co, MO Court Records, etc. for Thomas S. (Stanfield?) Bittick.

3 Oct 1823--Gasconade Co., MO--purchaser from the Admr Sale of George Pointer. MO Pioneers, Vol XV, March 1972, pg 22 by Ms Nadine Hodges + Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff.

23 Feb 1826--Thomas Bittick appraised a stray--taken up by Henry Reed. No county listed. Early MO Ancestors, Vol II, Nov 1987, pg 64 Newspapers 1823-32 by George F. Wilson & Maryhelen Wilson.

Gasconade Co., MO 7 June 1827 Circuit Court Record, pg 45:
State of Missouri: Third Judicial Circuit Session--
On the seventh day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Twenty seven it being the day appointed by law for holding the circuit court for the county of Gasconade at the house of Isaac Perkins appeared the Honerable William C. Carr Judge of the said court whose commission under the great seal of the State being produced and read, was ordered to be entered on the records--Robert P. Harris Esquire Circuit attorney for the 3d Judical Circuit, Elija Wamsley Sheriff, and David Waldo Clerk present--where upon the Sheriff produced a panel of a grand jury summoned by him for the body of the County of Gasconade as follows To Wit -- #8 Thomas Bittick (total 20 names listed.) William Bumpass being appointed Foreman the Jury were sworn charged by the Court and relised to consider of them.
October 5, 1827, Thomas Bittick on Jury of John Tacket who was indicted for manslaughter on October 4, 1827. The verdict of this jury was: "We find the defendant guilty of feloniously slaying Samuel Gibson, Sr." Goodspeeds History of MO, History of Gasconade County, pg. 648.

June 6, 1828 -- The following statement of voters in Gasconade County was filed --Bittick, 1. Total voters, 163. publication unknown, pg. 160.
1828 Gasconade County Tax List -- Thomas Bittick, resident. MO Pioneers, 1968 Vol 2, pg 14 by Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John Vineyard, Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff.

Missouri Pioneers Vol XV March 1972, page unknown:
Gasconade Co, MO Abstracts of Wills & Admr Bonds 1821-1860:
Pointer, George --Will dated 3 Oct 1823. Wife, Joanna Pointer. All property including negro girl, "Doll", to remain in possession of wife for benefit of children (not named here). Wit Frederick Barbarich and Leonard Reed. Rec 28 Oct 1823. (WA:11) L/T grantor Joanna Pointer 24 Nov 1823. (WA:16) Inventory (Those Owing the Estate) John C. & K. A. Heath, John T. Pryor, T. Rector, Sasmuel C. Owens, James Kigan, John Woolons, Phillip Balware, Thomas Edmonson, William Badley, George Baulware, John Weit, Elijah Bradhaw & David Masse. (WA:11) Appraisement of Property by Abraham "Derry" Berry, Thomas Shockley & Lewis David 6 Dec 1823. Purchasers from Adm Sale: Joannah Pointer, THOS BIDDOCKS, Lewis David, Henry Cowen, Phillip Tackett, James Jett, John Weit, THOMAS BIDICKS, William Brown, David Massie (WA:16). (courtesy of Dottie Miller)
[believe this is the land sold about February 1848 to cover debts of Thomas S. Bittick estate]
Patent DescriptionMO0640__.249
Patentee Name: BITTICK, THOMAS
Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566)
Signature Date: 11/07/1837 Metes/Bounds: N
Land Office: ST. LOUIS

Legal Land Descriptions
Nr.Aliquot PartsSec/BlkTownshipRangeFract. Sect.MeridianAcres
[believe this is the land sold about February 1848 to cover debts of Thomas S. Bittick estate]
Patent DescriptionMO0670__.043
Patentee Name: BITTICK, THOMAS
Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566)
Signature Date: 10/01/1840 Metes/Bounds: N
Land Office: ST. LOUIS

Legal Land Descriptions
Nr.Aliquot PartsSec/BlkTownshipRangeFract. Sect.MeridianAcresCounties
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
Gasconade County, Missouri Probate Court records, page 121 [see Other Documents-Thomas Stanfield Bittick Probate File, Item 17 and Mary Gallano's Thomas Bittick file]:

February 1848

To the Hon the County Court of Gasconade County Feb Term 1848

Your Petitioner John R. Bittick Administrator of the estate of of Thomas Bitticks deceased Sheweth unto the [court] here that he had fully exhaused the personal assets which have come to his hands ___ the above mentioned estate that there are now debts due by said estate & unpaid & that there are no personal assets applicable to this payment of the same therefore your petitioner prays for an order for the sale of the real estate belonging unto said estate & he alsy by leave to subjoin the amased inventory of the debts due by said estate as also the numbers of said land belonging with said estate
Towit the West 1/2 of S W 1/4 of sec 27 in Township 41 Range 6 West containing 80 acres. also the South E 1/4 of the S E 1/4 of Section 28 Township 41 Range 6 West containing 40 acres said Bittick interest in said dec'd is 4/7 your petitioner further states that he has [heretofore] exhausted the assets & over paid the estate to the amt of 30 $ & 93 cts besides ___ by al claims against said estate.
I do sear the above facts to be true in fact & substance. J. [R.]Bittick
[R. J. Skinner]

Sworn in open court & James Arrott clerk

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