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Notes for Mary Stanfield

1. August 17, 1815: daughter, Mary Biddecks, named in John Stanfield's will dated August 17, 1815 in Cumberland Co, Kentucky

2. About July 8, 1816: Mary Bidocks mentioned in distribution of John Stanfield's estate, Cumberland Co, Kentucky
Mary Stanfield was the oldest child of John Stanfield and Phillipina Christina Jones, both members of the Society of Friends. She was born about 1761. According to the Francis and Mary Bittick Bible record [see Heirlooms--Francis & Mary Bittick Bible Record], she was born June 26, 1761, according to Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection, June 26, 1764 in Orange Co, North Carolina. Although her maiden name does not appear on the Bible record, there is circumstantial evidence that it was Stanfield:

1. According to the Quaker records, Mary Biddock was disowned for marrying out of unity (marrying a non-Quaker) on February 3, 1781 at the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange County, North Carolina. [see Other Documents--Stanfield Quaker Notes].
2. A daughter, Mary Biddicks/Biddecks, is named in John Stanfield's will of August 17, 1815, Cumberland Co, Kentucky. [see Probates & Wills--John Stanfield]
3. Mary & Francis named their first daughter, Phillipina, probably after her mother.
4. Their fourth child was named Thomas Stanfield Bittick [see Heirlooms--Thomas Stanfield Bittick]. The Stanfield name appears in later generations in at least once instance. One of Mary's great-great-grandsons was named Simual Stanfield Bittick [see Other Documents--Simual Stanfield Bittick Social Security Application]; he was probably named for his great-grandfather, Thomas Stanfield Bittick.

Mary's date of death is not known. However, she is named in her father's will of August 17, 1815 and she is listed in the disbursement of his estate dated July 8, 1816.

For additional information on Mary Stanfield's parents and ancestors, please see Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection at [http://home.sprynet.com/~jrichmon/] and the Hadley Society database [http://www.hadleysociety.org/].

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