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Notes for Willis Henry Bittick

Census-1: August 1850, Dist #12, Jefferson Co, Mo #297-- Willis36Mo Lucinda28 JaneA9 WmP7 HiramJ5 Oliver2 Phil Votaw22
Census-2: 1860, Merimac Twp, Belews Crk, Jefferson Co, Mo #827-- WH43Mo Lucind37 Hiram14 Oliver10 Thos8 WillisA6 SolomonL4
Census-3: July 27, 1870, Merrimac Twp, Jefferson Co, Mo #212-- W58Mo Luc48 Thos19 WilA17 Sol15 Fred9 Juls24 Sus23DiL Les3gs Agnes1gd
Census-4: 1880, Cistern, Fayette Co, Tx #830-- Willis62Mo?? cattledoctor Sarah40Mo?? Fredric19Mo

February 01, 1817, Willis Henry Bittick born in Jefferson Co, Missouri [Meramac River?]

Abt. 1840, married Lucinda Jane Smith in Missouri? [no record, St Louis or Jefferson Co, MO]

July 1, 1848, Jefferson Co, MO, land patent, Doc.#14478, indexed as Willis A. Bittick, 38.6 acres

August 1850, Jefferson Co, Missouri [census]

January 27, 1851, Jefferson Co, Missouri--Willis H. Bittick buys land on Big River, Sec 29, Twp 43, Range 4 from Phillip Hildebrand, Joel Stowe and Malinda Stow (formerly Hildebrand) & Peter Hildebrand [see below]

1860, Jefferson Co, Missouri, Merimac Twp [census]

1870, July 27, 1870, Jefferson Co, Missouri, Merrimac Twp [census]

1880, Fayette Co, Texas [census]

December 30, 1882, Will [see obituary below]

January 09 [or January 02], 1883, died in Fayette Co, Texas [see obituary below]

February 12, 1883, Probate filed [see Obituary below]

Occupation: 1870, Farmer
Occupation: 1880, Cattle doctor
Willis Henry Bittick's parents are not known, but may have been John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney. See Other Documents: Possible Children of John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney.
Land Record:

July 1, 1848, Cash Entry Sale, Jefferson Co, MO, Doc.#14478, Willis H. Bittick, 38.6 acres [this document is indexed as Willis A. but the image of the original document clearly reads Willis H. Bittick]

Aliquot Parts: SENW
Sec./Block: 20/
Township: 43-N
Range: 4-E
Fract. Section: Yes
Meridian: 5th PM
State: MO
Counties: Jefferson
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:
Missouri's Union Provost Marshall Papers: 1861-1866
[Missouri Archives online index: http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/provost]

Bittick, Willis H. Jefferson County Statement that W.R. Benton was a Union man. 10-31-1861 Reel No. F-1230
1866, Order of Publication regarding Petition for Partition land in Jefferson Co, Missouri, Willis H. Bittick, plaintiff, Francis Ramey and Michael Ramey, defendants. [see Other Documents: Willis Henry Bittick-Order of Publication, 1866]
Jefferson Democrat, Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri
COUNTY COURT - The reports of the following road overseers were accepted and their accounts allowed, as follows:

B. KLEIN, $56; Sam MEDLEY, $17.60; Jno ALDERSON, $11; W.H. BITTICK, $37.95; Wm. M. MUSE, $18.73; Jno T. BYRD, $6.; W.J. WILLIAMS, $22; Isaac BERGAN, $19.90; L.H. LEE, $40.85; Wm. OTTOMEYER, $15.00; I.I. INGLEBACH, $26.80; M. McNAMEE, $56; B. BYRON, $25; A.J. LUCKY, $17.50; H. STELLBRINK, $77.82.
Jefferson Democrat, Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri
COUNTY COURT - Grand Jurors drawn -- Isham DODSON, Chas. SWINGLER, Wm. MANION, Gus. SPILKER, Geo. M. WECHETT, Benj. F. WINER, David A. THOMPSON, Wm. HAVERSTICK, Sr., Jno. TILLISON, Sam'l MARSDEN, Chas. GILLMAN, Thornton, Barney WYNN, Henry SEEMEL, M. SIMEN, Tho's J. JONES, Wm. STROUT, Jr., Jno. STEPHENS. Petit Jurors drawn: Tho's. L. McCORMACK, Bernard CREAN, Lucas RASH, Elias BURGESS, Wm. J. KIRK, Joseph L. SALE, Sol. WELLS, Ed. SWIRK, Henry OGLE, C.F. GRALL, Ed. PORTER, Geo. W. McCORMACK, C.F. LEE, Jno. H. WINER, W.J. NULL, Robert RICHARDSON, Peter HUSKEY, Oliver CROMWELL, E.R. ENGLAND, Geo. FROST, Willis BITTICK, Noah FAUBER, Arthur BURRELL, Tho's WELSCH.
The Democrat - SUPPLEMENT. Hillsboro, Mo., Friday, June 18, 1875
Delinquent Tax-List of Jefferson County, Missouri, For the Taxes of the
Year 1874. (cont'd)
Bittick, W. H.
[see Other Documents: Willis Henry Bittick & Sarah Jane (Whitworth) Wright Quit-Claim Deed]

This is a deed between Willis Henry and Sarah before they were married. It’s dated 29 Sep 1879 and she sells to him 80 acres in Jefferson Co. For some reason it was notarized in Franklin Co on the same day – so maybe she was living in Franklin Co? But it says they are both of Jefferson Co. It is not filed and recorded until 5 Jun 1880 in Jefferson Co. This must be land she inherited from her deceased husband, Hiram Wright. Perhaps the deed was recorded shortly before they left for Fayette Co, Texas. William Monroe was born Dec 1880 in Texas. So, it appears Willis Henry and Sarah married between 29 Sep 1879 and 5 Jun 1880 but a marriage record has not been found. One researcher thinks they married in Texas, but I don’t think so looking at the dates on this deed. Assuming they were married before she got pregnant with William Monroe – they must have married between September and March and then decided to leave for Texas about June 1880.
[Mary Bittick Gallano]
See Probates: Willis Henry Bittick
Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:

Probate filed 12 Feb 1883; Will dated 30 Dec 1882, see Obituary

Jefferson County Democrat Newspaper, Jefferson Co, MO - Friday, 2 Feb 1883, pg?
BITTICK: January 9, 1883 [2Jan1883], at his residence near Cistern, Fayette County, Texas, Willie N. [Willis H.], aged 65 years, 11 months and 8 days [1Feb1817]. Mr Bittick was born in Jefferson County, Mo., and lived here until three or four years ago, when he moved to Texas. He reared quite a large family of children, several of whom are still residents of this county. (Missouri Republican and Troy Hearld please copy.)

Jefferson Co,MO Deed Bk K, p219, dated January 27, 1851 -
Phillip Hildebrand, Joel Stowe and Malinda Stow (formerly Hildebrand) Peter Hildebrand, sell land on Big River, Sec 29 Twp 43 Rg 4 to Willis H. Bittick, land inherited from their father, David Hildebrand, patented to David, May 1824. This same land was sold by David R. Hildebrand

Deed Book L, p186, dated September 17, 1832
David R. Hildebrand sell land same location as above, inherited from his father, David Hildebrand, to Caleb Hildebrand, $45 for 100 acres. John Wease, Witness to sale.

Several Bittick's are buried at Boemler's Farm, now known as Bonaker Farm - is this the same land that Willis H. Bittick purchased?
Jefferson County [Missouri] Historical Society

Jefferson Democrat
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Sheriff’s Sale
William Munroe Bittick, Sarah Bittick and M. Cockrell

Jefferson Democrat
Thursday, May 15, 1890
Sheriff’s Sale
William ? Bittick, Sarah Bittick and E. ???

These must be from land Willis Henry owned before he moved to Texas. William Monroe, son of Willis Henry and Sarah Whitworth Bittick – widow of Willis Henry. Who is M. Cockrell? Is she a daughter from a previous marriage? Several Cockrell's are buried in same cemetery as Willis Alexander Bittick in Cistern, Texas. It has been assumed that Willis Henry sold off all of his land in Missouri before he went to Texas, but the land was probably either his or it came from Sarah Whitworth’s side.
Courtesy of Charles Nahlik:
Excerpts from On the Road to History, by Della Lang
Book is available from the Jefferson County Genealogical Society http://www.rootsweb.com/~mojcgs/orderpubs.html

Page 42: Bittick mentioned as being one of the first families to Jefferson County, Missouri.
Page 45: Michael Boemler, who came from St. Clair, Illinois, purchased the old Willis Bittick farm in 1878. The farm which was 120 acres at the time, cost Boemler $6,000.
Page 91: Although a Sunday School was established at Grubville as early as 1871, the Baptist church was not organized and built until 1879. Oliver D. Bittick served as the first ordained minister. Rev. Bittick was married to Martha A. Lee. The Baptist church had a charter membership of about 30 people.
Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri

BITTICK- January 9, 1883, at his residence near Cistern, Fayette county, Texas, WillieN. BITTICK, [Willis Henry Bittick] aged 65 years, 11 months and 8 days.
Mr. BITTICK was born in Jefferson county,Mo., and lived here until three or four years ago, when he moved to.p.Texas;. He reared quite a largefamily of children, several of whom are still residents of this county.
(Missouri Republican and Troy Heraldplease copy.)
In the 1880 Lincoln Co Census, Thomas W. is listed as a nephew to Simeon Sylvester Bittick. If this is correct, then Willis Henry Bittick (father of Thomas W) and Simeon Bittick must be brothers.


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