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Unknown Bittick Married Sue K. Hammel

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Descendants of John E. Hammel

Generation No. 1

1. John E. Hammel was born Apr 1867 in Frankfurt, Germany. He married Elizabeth Laudoff about 1892 in Wisconsin. She was born Jun 1868 in Wisconsin.

Children of John Hammel and Elizabeth Laudoff are:
2 i. Eugene F. Hammel, born 22 Jul 1893 in Wisconsin; died 11 Jun 1988 in Riverside Co, California.
+ 3 ii. Sue K. Hammel, born 24 Mar 1895 in Wisconsin; died 18 Dec 1967 in San Joaquin Co, California.
4 iii. Alfred J. Hammel, born 30 Mar 1899 in Racine Co, Wisconsin; died 11 Oct 1965 in San Joaquin Co, California.

Generation No. 2

3. Sue K. Hammel (John E.) was born 24 Mar 1895 in Wisconsin, and died 18 Dec 1967 in San Joaquin Co, California. She married (1) [--?--] Bittick about 1915 in California. She married (2) Stephen Magee Gaskill Aft. 11 Apr 1930. He was born 13 Aug 1890 in California, and died 23 Jan 1959 in San Joaquin Co, California.

Notes for Sue K. Hammel:
1900 West Election Precinct Ward 7, Racine City, Racine Co, Wisconsin 5 June 1900, ed46, p171b
1343 St Patrick
#117/131 Hammel John head w m April 1867 md 7 yrs watchman Ger Ger Ger
Elizabeth wife f w Jun 1868 32 md 7 yrs 3 born/3 living Wisc Ger Ger
Eugene son m w Jul 1893 6 single Wisc Ger Wisc
Susana dau w f Mar 1895 5 single Wisc Ger Wisc
Alfred son w m Mar 1899 1 single Wisc Ger Wisc

1910 Oakdale Township, Stanislaus Co, California 2 May 1910, ed157, p152a:
#40/40 Hammel John E head m w 43 md1 17 yrs blacksmith Ger Ger Ger
Elizabeth f w 41 md1 17 yrs 3 born/3 living Wisc Ger Ger
Eugene F. son m w 16 single printer, newspaper Wisc Ger Wisc
Susie R. dau f w 14 single Wisc Ger Wisc
Alfred J. son m w 11 single Wisc Ger Wisc

1952 Stockton City Directory, p188:
Gaskill, Steph M (Sue K) guard Kyle & Co, h 145 N Hunter
Gaskill Sue K Mrs. clk Hotel Stockton News Stand, h 145 N Hunter

1958 Stockton City Directory, p47
Bellevue Apt - Steph M. Gaskill mgr, 145 N Hunter

Child of Sue Hammel and [--?--] Bittick is:
5 i. Jeanne Elizabeth Bittick, born 09 Dec 1915 in San Joaquin Co, California; died 11 Aug 1997 in San Joaquin Co, California. She married [--?--] Tiffany.

Notes for Jeanne Elizabeth Bittick:
1920 Stockton City, Precinct 8, San Joaquin Co, California 6 January 1920, ed172, p145b:
441 South Texas & Nevada Street
#185/189 Hammel J E head owns m w 52 md machinist, tractor factory Frankfurt Bavaria Bavaria, speaks German, immigrated in 1890, naturalized in 1898
Elizabeth f w 51 md Wisc Ger Ger
Biddick Susie dau f w 25 divorced, operator, telephone Wisc Frankfurt Wisc
Jeannie gdau f w 4 single Ca Ca Wisc

1930 Stockton, Ward 3, Block 269, San Joaquin Co, California 11 April 1930, ed39-47, p91a:
439 S Siera Madre?
#237/245 Bittick Sue R/K. head f w 35 divorced md@20, operator, telephone company Wisc Ger Wisc
Jean E. dau f w 14 single Ca Ca Wisc
Mead Evelyn roomer f w 22 md@19 supervisor, telephone company Ca C Ca
Patterson Dorothy roomer f w 22 single stenographer, telephone company, Ca Ca Ca

California Birth Index
Jeanne E. Bittick
b. 9 Dec 1915
San Joaquin County
Mother's Maiden Name: Hammel

California Death Index
Jeanne Elizabeth Tiffany
b. 9 Dec 1915 California
d. 11 Aug 1997
San Joaquin County
Mother's Maiden Name: Hammel
Father's Surname: Bittick

Note from Dwight Bittick, email 10 Jun 2005 - 'There was a William R. Tiffany located in the same area [zip] code as listed on the death index of Jeanne Elizabeth Tiffany, 95207. Stockton, California City Directory - '2D intersects and # was 1636. Phone HO2-0691'.

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