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Bittick DNA Results

Family Tree DNA has created a Surname Project General Fund.  Money contributed to the Bittick Surname Project would be used to help with the cost of testing.  According to Max Blankfeld of Family Tree DNA:

"The General Fund was created as a tool to be administered by Family Tree DNA, so that it is not a burden to the Group Administrator:
a) Family Tree DNA collects/disburses the money and keeps a log under the General Fund link in the GAP
b) The Group Administrator tells FTDNA to which kit we should apply funds.
c) We have created a self-explanatory page to be used by those who want to make a contribution to their family DNA project:  "

The Bittick DNA project has been successful in answering some of our questions and has the potential to answer more, but we need your help.  We really need to have a few more results, especially from the John R. (1781) line.  This line appears to have mutation, but we need to verify the pattern by having at least one more person tested.  We also need someone from the Samuel [born 1755-1774] line to be tested.  If you'd like to be tested, please contact Johnny Bittick at the address on the home page.  Family Tree DNA has an easy to use page if you'd like to contribute to the Bittick DNA Surname Project General Fund.  Your contribution may help us all find some answers about our Bittick/Biddix ancestors.

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