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Wallace Record, Transcription


From the John R. & Cyntha (Wallace) Bittick Bible, owned by Ronda J. Snider, transcribed 1999

[ ] = added by me; ? = not sure of transcription


Page 1

Francis C. Wallace was born August 21 day 1788

Mary Hammon was born April 2 day 1796

Delinda Wallace was born December 11 day 1810

Richard H. Wallace was born January 7 day 1812

Rachal Wallace was born June 1 day 1815

Susanah Wallace was born 25 day January 1817

William C. Wallace was born January 18 day 1820


Page 3

Cinthey Wallace was born February 10 day 1823

Sarah Wallace was born May 4 [?] day 1827

Lizey Wallace was born the 27 of September 1833

James A. Wallace was born February 4 day 1830


James A. Wallace 

[This seems to be a signature.  If it is the signature of James A. Wallace, he may have written the list of children.  His name is last in the list of children even though he was not the youngest child.  This also implies that he may have written it.]


Francis C. Wallace Departed this life April the 16th 18[4?]6

Mary Wallace Departed this life the 28th March 1848


Page 2

Richard H. Wallace

Sun to F. C. and Mary

Wallace 7 January

in the year of our Lord 1812

and Departed this life 10 of

April 1838 at about 8

oclock in the morning

Aged 26 years three

month and three days

and three Horuers [or Hourers?] 1845

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