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Thomas Stanfield Bittick

Thomas Stanfield Bittick
was born Aprile 10 in 1788
and DeSeased on the 12 day
of May in the year 1838
aged 50 years, 1 months 2 days

[This was written by descendant of Thomas and indicates his full name.  It is the cover and flyleaf of an old book, probably belonging to John R. Bittick, and was kept in the John R. and Cyntha Wallace Bittick Bible. The writing in brown ink was probably by John R. Bittick.  Note that Thomas' birth date differs from the Francis & Mary Bittick record, however, the year of birth is the same.  Richard H. Wallace, Cyntha's brother, died April 10, 1838, and this may have been the source of confusion.--Ronda J. Snider]

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