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November 16, 1873 Letter from Samuel Guinn Bittick to Emily A. (Ewing) Bittick

[Courtesy of Alice Dollahan]

[written on Medical Department letterhead?]

(Picture of the University of Louisville Medical Department, Corner of Eighth and Chestnut Streets)

Professor of Anatomy and Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Materia Medica and Clinical Medicine.
Prof. Of Physiology and Histology and Secretary of the Faculty.
T.S. BELL, M.D.,
Professor of the Science and Practice of Medicine and Public Hygiene.
Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children.
Professor of Medical Chemistry and Toxicology.
Professor of the Science and Art of Surgery and Clinical Surgery.
Professor of Surgical Pathology and Operative Surgery.


Louisville, Ky. November 16th 1873

364 Green Street Between 9th &10th

Dear Wife

?? just returned from church and a little nervous as consequence of the walk but I recon you can manage to read whit I write. This leaves one well with the exception of a morbid appetite if you would call that an ailmenet. I am just naturally able to eat all that I can get. The other boys are all well except Dr Beck he has been very ??? this last week but is improving.

I received a letter from you last Monday dated Nov 4th which was six day in coming and I received one this morning dated Nov 7th which had been misplaced somewhere I reckon. (Page 2) I was very glad to hear from you and to learn that you was all well. Well the boys are talking so big that I cant think of anything to write If your bowels are still running off you had better take a good dose of Quinine every night for a couple of weeks and twenty drops of ????????? T???? of Iron three times a day. They teach us here that Quinine is good for everything and I donít think they are right. So you must take the Quinine anyhow and I am Satisfied it will regulate your bowels. I expect that you ???? made a very good dipsosition of our place. I thik John ???? is a working man ?????

Well our School is still increasing 268 Students. I think I am improving in the study of Medical Knowledge and if I can keep my Health I think I will ???? well paid for my money. We have got some professors in our School that I donít thhink can be excelled by any men in the known world they are Gentlemen in every sense of the ???? I belong to the Quiz classes of all the Professors and I havenít missed but two Questions yet and if I can keep up with them in the future. I think I will come off all right. I cant think of anything else to write. Write often and I will do the Same. My love to all Yourself and our little children Your affectionate Husband SG Bittick

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