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John R. & Cyntha Bittick Bible

Bible publication date 1845, owned and transcribed by Ronda J. Snider, 1999

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Parents' Record

FATHER: John R. Bittick was Born in St. Louis County Mo in the year of our Lord on the 7 day of October 1813

MOTHER: Cyntha Wallace was born in Tennessee Matenson County [Madison County]

She was born the 10 day of February in the year 1823 [also see Heirloom Documents-Wallace Record]

John R. Bittick and Cyntha Wallace was Married the 10 day of January in the year 1838

[January 10, 1839 on the marriage record from Gasconade County, Missouri. Since the Bible was published in 1845, we know that this entry was recorded later.]


Thomas H. Bittick was born in State of Missouri Gasconde County he was born the 5th day of May 1840

Mary Bittick was born in Osage County Mo in September 28th 1843

Francis C. W. Bittick was born the 21 day of December in the year 1845

Milton T. Bittick was born the 28 day of April in the year 1848

James H. Bittick was born the 21st day of September in the year 1851


John Bittick & Syntha Wallace

Married Jan 10, 1838


James H. Bittick

Syntha Bittick died the 26 day of April 1900

Permela Bittick the 28th day of July 1902

James H. Bittick about 28 of September 18


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