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December 4, 1873 Letter From Emily A. (Ewing) Bittick to Samuel Guinn Bittick

[Courtesy of Alice Dollahan]

St ?????

Dec 4 1873


My Dear Husband

I will write again though nothing new to write. I wrote last week about Mary being sick she is better this week Dr B. visited her three times she is coughing some yet and has a bad cold Bineth?? Sad that was what ailded her She takes fresh cold all the time it has been so warm for the last week untill yesterday it came a norther and frose last night. Well the election was Tuesday but I donít know who was elected old ??? ??????? come out against uncle Charlie but I donít think he got a single vote in Cooper Texas though uncle Charlie thinks he is beat. Pa and ??? has been gone to Jefferson 7 days. The rest of the family are all well except Mary I am teaching this week but I expect to freeze out this morning. (Page 2) it is the coldest weather we have had this winter - Jasper staid all night with us Tuesday night and said little Ewing was nearly well now with the hooping cough the rest of the family were well I was fixing to go to the springs Saturday but Mary will not be able to go I wanted to go and get our pictures taken for you. but I was not goin to ???, so donít be uneasy. Your school money is at the Springs but I have not got it yet though Pa sent me word he has it. Leonard is getting worse and worse every day as you know he is humored to every thing he wants. I have not received a letter from you for two weeks I donít know whats the matter excuse my writing for I am in a hurry and uncle Charlie is waiting do write often you know I want to hear from you just as many times as possible

I have nothing more to write that is interisting John Sissil has moved in and taken possession write often to

You Emma (Emily Ewing Bittick)

Kisses from your

Little family have just received a

letter from you since

writing the above

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