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Show Me...The Bitticks

Welcome to "Show Me…The Bitticks," lovingly dedicated to those who came before us.

Bittick Reunion – June 8, 2019

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The original focus of this web site was our pioneer ancestors, Francis Bittick, Willis Henry Bittick and their descendants.  We are now including other Bittick/Biddix lines, thanks to researchers who generously shared their databases, documents, photographs and other information. 

Bittick is a relatively rare surname.  Most Bittick, Biddix, Biddick (and other spelling variations) families in this country may be descendants of the same as yet unknown ancestor.  Bittick/Biddix researchers have traced their ancestry back to the mid to late 1700s in several different lines.  Among these early Bittick ancestors are:

Researchers have long believed that these early Bitticks were related.  Although there is currently no documentation linking these lines together, Y-chromosome DNA testing indicates that they were indeed related.  While DNA testing cannot tell us exactly how these early Bitticks are related, knowing that there is a relationship enables us to see them in a different light.  

One goal of this site is to present public documents, photographs, Bible records, census data, and other information in order to gain a more complete picture of these Bittick ancestors.  Many Bittick/Biddix family members have been doing research and working together for years.  The information in this web site is built upon their work.  It is difficult for one researcher to collect all the documents and information relevant to even one family line.  By working together, we gain a more detailed image of our ancestors.  

Also included on this web site is limited information on a few of the other surnames linked by marriage to some of the early Bitticks.  None of our ancestors left a clear trail for us to follow into the 21st century.   Retracing the steps of our ancestors 200 years ago is almost impossible without clues from their related family lines. Often, when one family moved to a different area, friends and other family members followed. Ties of friendship and marriage linked many of these families for generations. By reconstructing their history, one thread at a time, we are weaving a tapestry of what is a proud heritage. 

By examining available documents, Bible records, photos and other information, our ancestors become more than names and dates on a page, but individuals who had full and varied lives.  Their lives were altered by current events and shaped by personal joys and tragedies, family and friends. 

If you have information pertaining to these families, we encourage you to share it with this web site. All privately owned documents and photographs appear here courtesy of the owner, with their permission, and are so marked. We would like to thank the owners for their generosity in sharing with all of us.

This is a work in progress.  We are constantly adding information and documents and making revisions; please check back frequently.  Although we try to be as accurate as possible, please remember to verify all information. 

To avoid including information on living individuals, this web site has information on only three or four generations for each Bittick/Biddix line.  We have additional information on most of these Bittick families and related surnames, but have chosen not to include it due to privacy issues and web space.  If you are related to any of the people on this web site, we would love to hear from you.  If your Bittick ancestors are not included in this web site, we would still love to hear from you.  Several researchers maintain large databases of Bittick/Biddix families, and we may be able to help.  

You are welcome to use the information and images on this site in your personal research.  Privately owned documents and photos may not be published without consent of the owner.  If you would like to contribute additional information or documents or have conflicting information, please contact us at:

web site database manager:
Mary Bittick Gallano 
(great-granddaughter of Oliver Delore Bittick)
(descendant of Willis Henry Bittick)

web site manager:
Ronda J. Snider 
(great-granddaughter of Milton Taylor Bittick)
(descendant of Thomas Stanfield Bittick)

In order to minimize the threat of computer viruses, we include only the e-mail address above on this web site.  You may also contact us at our regular e-mail addresses.   If you wish to contact other researchers mentioned, we will gladly forward your messages.  



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